1998 Oldsmobile Bravada from North America


This vehicle is nothing but a money pit


I have a 1998 Oldsmobile Bravada, that I wished I never bought. I bought this vehicle used with 75,000 miles on it. I bought it from a used car dealer in the neighborhood I live in. I paid over $10,000 for this vehicle, and it was like I threw my money in the garbage. The first week I owned the Bravada the transmission went. In total the transmission went three times. However, it was under the dealers 90 day warranty. He had paid $2,000 each time the transmission went. Shortly there after the water pump went. Then I had got an oil leak from the oil pan and the main seal. Shortly there after electrical wiring for the radio went. The compressor for the air conditioning system went. The final thing that took the cake was the transfer case started to leak and idiot light came on for transmission. I can give you a list of new parts that have been put into this wonderful Oldsmobile Bravada, but the list would be too long. If you are thinking about getting an Oldsmobile, I would think again. That is unless you love fixing cars.

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I will never buy an Oldsmobile again!

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Review Date: 15th February, 2005

21st May 2009, 17:56

I own a 1998 Oldsmobile Bravada that has 195,000 miles on it. It hasn't had too many problems with it.

The only thing that is wrong with it now, is the windshield wipers don't work half the time, the driver seat button that makes the seat move back and forth doesn't work half the time, the seat heater on the passenger side went out, and last but not least, the A/C and heater has a problem where if I want the A/C to work, I have to put needle nose pliers on the hose.

If I want the heat to work, I just take them off. It's not that big of a deal considering I didn't have to pay any money to figure out how to get the heat and A/C to work. The only thing is, is that if I want to switch the A/C to the heat, I have to pop the hood and change it.

All cars will have problems with them. I've put a lot of miles on my Bravada and it's still running good. It's the best vehicle I've ever driven. I love it.

Maybe your problem with your Bravada is the way you drive it. You have to drive all cars carefully. If you drive them like a race car driver, then be prepared to put a lot of money into your car. It's as simple as that.

Some Bravada's are just better than others. Like I said, not all cars run the same and all cars will have problems with them. My mother in law has a 2004 Cavalier that has 50,000 miles on it. She's the second owner and she only drives her car to work and back. That's it. Right now the speedometer doesn't work, her windows won't roll down, and the brakes always need changed. Cars will have problems with them no matter what kind of car it is. Just remember that before you go dissing the Bravada the rest of your lives.

19th Aug 2009, 09:04

I agree, funny thing is you can go to any foreign car forum and the cars have similar problems and defects. Americans just don't bad mouth a foreign car no matter how many issues they have. Americans love to hate American products! Don't take my word, I have both foreign and domestic cars and I am on both forums. Before you spout off, go look on the foreign car forums yourself. It's amazing to me that people think foreign cars have no issues and are so quick to bash American cars.

1998 Oldsmobile Bravada from North America


I should have purchased stock in the Oldsmobile Bravada Parts Distribution Center!


1. The transmission had just been replaced when I purchased the Olds Bravada. The vehicle ran amazingly well.

2. The alternator went next.

3. The windshield wipers went next with an expensive motor that went out in the wiper control.

4. All of the brakes and rotors have had to be replaced.

5. I had forgotten, when I first bought the vehicle I had to have the radiator taken completely apart and flushed, replacing all coolant in the system. I was told at that time to never use DEX-TRON supplies.

6. My service light continue to display bright red, but no one can find the problem.

7. My air conditioner compressor just stopped working, and it is only in the 90's.

8. The back windshield wiper motor stopped working months ago, but I haven't replaced it yet.

I can't seem to keep up with the costs of the repairs to operate this Oldsmobile Bravada.

I actually love this vehicle as far as a super ride, and the way the vehicle handles on the road, (If I could just keep it on the road!) I had never actually owned a GM product before, so I did not know a lot about the vehicle when I purchased it.

I guess the thing that really bothers me most is the way the Oldsmobile dealers react when you have a problem with their product. I was told that my vehicle did not qualify for a recall on the wipers, yet, there was a recall.

I am totally disappointed in the vehicle and the amount of money that is required to maintain the vehicle in safe running condition. I have a family, a four year old that is transported in this vehicle, but I do not feel completely safe due to all of the equipment failures that this vehicle as encountered.

I truly feel that GM is making a huge mistake by not putting the customer first. GM will offer a line of automobiles, but normally most customers will not trust the advertisement for GM QUALITY a second time. Financially, I think that mistakes like customer service after the sale, will eventually destroy the GM reputation.

$37,500.00--$40,000.00 for a vehicle is a lot of money to pay for transportation that is unsafe for you and your family.

I am a Registered Nurse. In my profession, if I treated my patients the way GM has treated me and my family, what do you think the outcome would be?

Malpractice! That's the term that is referred to in the medical field. I feel that there should be a class action lawsuit filed against the manufacturer of the Oldsmobile Bravada. If all the customers will support each other, I feel that GM may think twice about "Service after the SALE!"

General Comments:

Exterior of Oldsmobile very deceptive, as to what the vehicle is really like. You know what they say: "You can't judge a book by its cover!"

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Review Date: 6th July, 2004

9th Jul 2004, 16:09

I own a 2000 Bravada and I have not had any problems from mile 1 to where it now at 60k. I have a problem listening to a review from someone who only spelled Bravada correctly once. It's a Bravada, not a Bravado haha.

27th Nov 2004, 20:42

My 1998 Bravada is the identical twin of the lady who posted this message. I have replaced the transmission 3 times, the alternator twice, the suspension was completely redone. The water pump, the fuel pump, the wipers all the way around. The entire ignition system. And I can't even remember the rest. The truck on an average has cost $1000.00 per month in repairs. To a point that I cannot afford to trade it in, and yet cannot afford to keep it not and drive it anyway.

I unlike the lady in the story have owned GM products since I graduated high school in the 1970s. I went though my hot rod stages and sware by GM. But she is exactly correct in the storys that you get about what is covered under recall by the dealers. These trucks are a piece of pooh. Too bad because if GM was really interested in our business they would find a way to make us believe in them again. By the way I own a company that has a fleet of service vehicles all GM Vans and do not have anywhere near the problems that I have with this one. Maybe GM should shed the Olds line before they completely discredit everything good olds ever did... And I do know how to spell Bravada.