2002 Oldsmobile Bravada Smart Track 4.2 straight 6 from North America


I love the vehicle. If they kept making it, I would buy another one any time


I just bought a 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada Smartrax. It is a very smooth ride and it is very comfortable to ride in. It has good power and acceleration.

The only thing that I didn't like about it was the spot that the cup holders are in. If the vehicle is in drive and or park, it is hard to do anything in that spot.

I love the space for all passengers. There is plenty of leg room and the storage for in the back is good too. I like the heated seats and they warm up very quickly, and so does the entire vehicle.

I bought the vehicle with 86563 miles on it and it is a 2002.

It drives very good in the snow, and anywhere that you need to go.

I rate the Bravada at a 8 to 10 for the entire vehicle. It does do good on gas. It is a little harder than my other vehicle, but what do you expect, it's a SUV.

General Comments:

The exterior of the car is very eye catching, just the way it looks and the way that it is designed. The interior is what I love the most; when you walk by the vehicle, the leather seats just catch your eye.

It handles nice and rides very smoothly on the highway. It handles nicely around the corners and everything else.

I like the On-Star features, and the climate control is very nice, and all the other features.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2009

12th Sep 2009, 17:17

I have a smart track Bravada and am having trouble with the ABS. The car skips when I come to a stop. I was told it was the computer, which will cost 900 dollars to replace.I was wondering if anyone had this problem and how it was solved. My Bravada is a 2000, and I like it very much except for this problem. If anyone has information as to how to fix it at a reasonable rate, I would greatly appreciate it.

2002 Oldsmobile Bravada SmartTrak 4.2L I-6 from North America


Great car. Great value. Buy it!


To what I know of...

Also, about ten minutes after pulling off the lot, the power seat/heated seat modules failed and had to be replaced.

At 28,900 miles, the Bravada had to be taken in for problems with shifting at the right RPM. It had to be returned to the dealership for updating software and other things on that order.

And as many owners are complaining, as with any 2002 TrailBlazer, Envoy, or Bravada, the memory mirrors are going crazy. The passenger mirror on our Bravada is the one that always has a problem. Now that I think of it, the driver's mirror is starting to do it as well.

General Comments:

Besides the problems with the seats, the mirrors, and the shifting at the right RPM, the Bravada is really a great car. This is our second one, and we are really pleased with it. We had a 2001 originally, until it was totaled... thank God for OnStar! It's a very stylish car and if GM didn't phase out the Oldsmobile Division, I think we would keep on buying not only the Bravada, but the other cars as well... And if I had the money, I would go out and buy the "Final 500" Edition, only I don't have $40,465 to put out on a car that is truly worth it... That's another problem with the Bravada, it's really pricey. Oh well, I guess you have to pay if you want quality!

On another note, it's very roomy inside! The seats are extremely comfortable and the 4-way power lumbar is a nice feature that wasn't available on our 2001. The automatic load-leveling suspension in the rear is also a neat feature of the GM Mid-Size SUV line. The rear seats have ample room whereas the 2001 did not. (I'm 6 feet, 1 inch tall and it wasn't easy to get out of the 2001's rear seat, but the 2002 is like getting out of a limo.) I have nothing, but good things to say about this car, and I absolutely love it! If you have considered the Olds Bravada as your next car, buy it. You will love it. Although, there are regular trips to the dealer though for some tune-ups and software reprogramming.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2004

16th Apr 2005, 09:00

I too have a 2002 Bravada and love driving it. However my seat heaters have also had problems and at one point the module had to be replaced after they started smoking. They continue to be temperamental, despite being fixed at the dealership. The side mirror on the passenger side also has a mind of its own and after changing position for reversing rarely ends up in th original position. This was also "fixed"at the dealership. The seat position module also had to be fixed on the drivers side. As for gas mileage I'm averaging 7.9km per litre, with gas prices these days that seems like a lot.