2003 Oldsmobile Bravada 4.2L DOHC 6 from North America


100% satisfaction


Cam sensor wire "open" made check engine light come on, bought a $50.00 code reader, found the problem and fixed it at no cost.

Transfer case motor sensor switch replaced and PCM reflashed to fix AWD staying activated, total repair cost $100.00.

Drivers side mirror tries to adjust out of its range when using keyless entry, just living with this minor annoyance.

General Comments:

Very comfortable larger SUV that gets 21.5 mpg hwy.

Good performance.

I wish it had a feature to lock in AWD for winter driving.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2009

3rd Jun 2010, 17:03

I own a 2003 Bravada. Got it with 184000. Now has over 300000. Love the truck.

4th Aug 2010, 11:38

The problem with keyless entry is because you have 2 remotes from the factory, on the back it will say one or two. When programing the memory seats you have to have the remote with it. The reason it adjusts your mirror is that is what the setting is for that remote. The objective is to not need to push your memory button, but to have it adjust to which remote is in use. Look in the owners manual to learn how to program your remote with the memory function.

5th Aug 2010, 11:26

"I own a 2003 Bravada. Got it with 184000. Now has over 300000. Love the truck."

My wife was trading cars every 18 months until she got her 2003 Envoy (exact same vehicle as the Bravada). At 90,000 miles it has had nothing... not even a brake job. Just one battery and one set of tires. She is so happy with the smooth ride, ample power and total reliability that she plans to drive it another 200,000 miles!