28th Sep 2007, 08:55

We just recently bought a 1997 Bravada, unfortunately it has only given us problems that don't seem to be detected by a diagnostic. The vehicle has already been in the shop several times, they changed the fuel injectors and several filters, but the vehicle still seems to have no power and has power surges that rock the car while driving. Top speed is 60 mph.

5th Jun 2008, 18:16

I have a 97 Olds Bravada... loved the car when I bought it... looked nice, and ran nice at first, got it with 80,000 miles on it.

After the first month the transmission went... got that rebuilt, worked good, then 2 weeks later had to get the coolant flushed because it looked like coffee grounds...

2 weeks after that water pump went.

1 month after that intake manifold gasket went!!!

Started running good for 2 months, then the fuel pump went...

Ran good for awhile, then 4 months later the fuel spider went!!!

Now sometimes there's a little knocking in the motor when taking off... and the rpm needle bounces a tad bit when sittin in park.

Within the last year of owning this I have put a little over $5,000 into it, after purchasing for $7,000!!! Definitely not worth it!

Now it needs all new balljoints, shocks, and sounds like it whistles when taking off.

10th Dec 2011, 17:33

I know this is old, but simply your repair person was trying to rip you off. A coolant flush can be done at home for under $25. Rust in the radiator.. can be cleaned very easily with a "coolant flush": solution. They most likely told you it needed a new radiator, water pump, heater core, hoses, intake etc... when in reality, nothing has to be replaced, other than the coolant.

96 Olds Bravada with 61,000 miles. Just did the flush and replaced with green coolant. All is good now.