9th Apr 2004, 14:12

I am ready to paint my 94 Bravada lemon yellow! I just spent $500 on my THIRD heater core! I had the same EGR problem, although the dealer fixed it for free. I agree it is a great ride, very convenient for my 2 kids. The leather is a must have with kids in car seats. But after spending $2000 in the last month on heater core and brake issues, I would not buy this particular model year!

23rd Jan 2005, 01:05

I have a 93 Oldsmobile Bravada I've had 4 months and had an EGR problem mine had an electronic EGR Vavle that runs about 260 bucks.I've had electrical problems with wires to EGR and Wires to Throttle position sensor. Ignition switch twice and previous owner replaced heater core and still does not work. I would have to agree this is as well the most expensive car I have ever had to deal with.

3rd Nov 2005, 15:55

Hello I have a 1994 olds bravada it 2 costs me a lot of money to fix it. I paid 300.00 for it and everything went wrong with it.

21st Jun 2006, 17:09

I too have had problems with my 1994 Bravada. I have owned it since 1996.

First, the EGR valve was cleaned by the dealer, only lasting for a few days before needing more cleaning. The new EGR was so expensive, I chose not to replace it, but to clean the EGR myself, (and that is a pain). After several cleanings and a year or so, I finally bought a replacement at a national car parts store, quite inexpensively, compared to GM's part. It has worked great and has needed no cleaning since about 1997.

My second problem was the ignition switch needed replacing about 1997 as well.

The third major problem was the heater core needed replacing, about the same time, but the dealer said it was the air conditioning coil. They replaced that, but the problem wasn't fixed and I didn't realize it until winter. Since the dealer fixed the wrong thing, I was stuck. I ended up tearing out the leaking heater core, buying one at the same national auto parts store for about seventeen dollars, and after more pain and suffering, about four hours after starting, I had a repaired heater core, no thanks to the dealer that charged $72.00 per hour to (attempt) to fix your problems.

Right now the oxygen sensor is throwing a code, but has been doing this for the last two years. I just let it go, since it will not come off with the tool the auto shop provided to replace the sensor.

Other problems have been, the radio/cassette wore out, the alternator wore out, the rust from salt in winter has taken its toll, but most seriously, a penny lodged itself in the center console lighter, used for plugging in cell phones, remember this is a "94" model of Bravada, and it caused a slow burn of the fuse in the fuse panel. After a while, the penny was discovered, by my wife; she tried to get it out with a pen, and almost caused our Bravada to go up in flames. We did get out of the vehicle, but after watching the smoke come from the fuse panel, I reentered and burned my fingers pulling out the fuse.

Comment: I really liked the idea of having an all wheel drive vehicle for winters, but this vehicle was not worth all the pain and suffering I have had to go through to keep it running. I would have gotten rid of it a long time ago, but we could not afford to.

I pray there are others of you that read this and can afford to get rid of this vehicle, or better yet, find a mechanic that likes it for a pet project.