20th Jan 2005, 14:33

The Bravada may have more style, but with the demise of Oldsmobile, it's desirablity may be less than before. More than a few people would not want to buy/own a discontinued model, let alone a discontinued brand.

24th Jan 2005, 23:53

As a follow up to my review-

-Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it's hard to state my opinion in that regard as fact. I think both trucks are great looking, but would prefer the body of the Jeep and the guts of the Olds.

-The Bravada is essentially an S-Blazer "Limited", and most people whom would go looking specifically for a Bravada would likely know this and not be deterred by the brand name.

-LSD stands for limited slip differential. It's a mechanism in the drivetrain that (when the vehicle loses tire traction) directs power to the wheels with the most traction to keep the vehicle stable.

-I've also been a longtime owner of the 2nd gen. Isuzu Trooper, The 2nd gen. Toyota 4runner and 2nd gen. Mitsubishi Montero SR, so I have some legitimate expertise on the subject of '90s SUVs. With the exception of the Montero (in some respects), they were all second rate compared to the Bravada and Cherokee.

I hope my review helps somebody out.

7th May 2006, 10:47

I'm having that same issue now and have been told that it is due to both a faulty EGR as well as clogged fuel injectors.

29th Aug 2006, 18:41

I bought a 1994 bravada in 1996 with 35,ooo miles. I recently had the problem of idling poorly. I used gum out fuel injection cleaner which helped. for the over heating problem, I replaced the module/modulator and had a tune up. Now it is running awesome. It is 2006 with 97,000 miles. Hope this helps ya!

2nd Sep 2006, 09:29

Has anyone replaced their own heater core on 1994 Bravada and how difficult was it?

20th Dec 2007, 00:15

Heater core is a pain in the a** to do.

For the experienced mechanic like myself, it's a 2-3 hour job.

For a novice with limited tools, it is a nightmare that can take a weekend or better.

10th Apr 2008, 01:29

The transmission in my sister's Bravada died today. It only has 75,000 miles. You state that the 1st and 2nd gear hydraulics needed repair in your vehicle and that it only cost $150? This doesn't make sense to me - this requires a complete removal and rebuild of the transmission doesn't it? Which typically costs $1500. Please explain.

11th May 2008, 21:01

<The Jeep's leather seats are more comfortable, and both are power, unlike the Bravada.>

My 1994 Bravada has power seats and power lumbar supports. I'm the original owner and when I bought it, it was the Cadillac of SUVs, unlike the Jeep.

11th Jul 2008, 12:05

Getting ready to purchase a 94 Bravada which has 153,000 miles. Vehicle supposedly runs strong, will be test driving this afternoon.

Body is straight, besides a couple dents and dings which is common for a vehicle 14 years old.

The listed price is at $1,000, do you think it's a fair deal?

15th Sep 2008, 18:48

I just bought a 1994 Oldsmobile Bravada weekend before last and it runs awesome, with minor issues, but for $500 what can ya expect. Although I just started having issues with a high pitched squeak with accelerating. When I barely touch the brake it goes away. I can't figure out what it is, any suggestions? Please E-mail me @ Number1daddy04@msn.com.

5th Jan 2009, 20:14

My brother bought a 92 Bravada in 94 with 30,000 miles on it. He beat the crap out of it. But always kept up on oil changes and stuff.

Somewhere he had the top end rebuilt. Had the fenders replaced in 2000 as well as painted.

I bought it in 2000 with a little over 115,000 on it. Drove it and took care of it like changing the oil and stuff. I sold it in 2004 to my friend with like 130,000 miles on it. He drove it up till last year. When he traded it in, he still got $500 for it with 200,000 miles on it.

The best vehicle I've ever owned. I went out and bought a 2000 Bravada 2 years ago and I've never been happier.

12th Mar 2009, 20:28

I bought a 94 Oldsmobile Bravada about 3 months back. It ran great at 1st but since then has started idling rough. I replaced the spark plugs, plug wires, rotor, distributor cap, and fuel filter. None of which have fixed the problem. Has anyone had similar problems? If anyone has any suggestions as to what the problem might be, I would appreciate the help. Thank you and have a great day.

7th May 2009, 23:42

I had the same problem; changed everything, nothing helped. Then I changed the EGR valve, problem solved.

26th May 2010, 17:11

I also have a 1994 Bravada and the same thing is happening to mine. Like when I go to start it, it takes me two to three times for it to kick over, also it idles really roughly. Plus the AC/heater doesn't always work, and when I accelerate the engine roars like crazy. We have replaced the engine and the transmission. So if you have any advice on what to do about the rough idling or the engine being really loud, it would help.

10th Aug 2010, 14:19

I want to buy a 1994 Bravada for $600. The guy is driving the vehicle to me, which is 30 minutes away, and allowing me to make 2 payments of $300. When I pay the first payment, he said I can take the car. He said the temp gauge doesn't work. It has 173k. What should I look for on the car indicating it's in bad shape? Also, with him bringing the car out to me, and allowing me to make payments, is this a good indication the vehicle does work good?

Email me at mystery.amanda@yahoo.com

Thank you.