Calais 3.0

Great car

71 words, North America

Calais 2.5L

Very dependable, and surprisingly quick

106 words, North America, 1 comment

Calais 2.5L

It's a piece

212 words, North America, 7 comments

Calais 4-door base model 2.5 4-Tech 3-sp

Decent, economic, small-sized car, with great performance

431 words, North America

Calais 2.5 4-cylinder 151

Cost effective, comfortable, deathtrap in disguise

360 words, North America, 1 comment

Calais Supreme 3.0 Liter

This is a great car... but only if you can do the repairs yourself!

156 words, North America, 2 comments

Calais 2-door supreme 2.5 Liter Gasoline I-4

If you like and respect cars, don't buy this catastrophe

386 words, North America, 6 comments