1990 Oldsmobile Calais Quad 442 2.3L High Output from North America


Faster than a Camaro with better reliability and less than half the cost


The first week I had the car, I had to replace the high pressure power steering line.

Replaced both CV joints.

Replaced fuel filter.

New platinum 2 plugs.

New computer.

New PROM chip.

Replaced the coils and ignition module.

Replaced the right headlight.

Hit a deer. Had to replace both grills. Will replace the hood soon.

New timing chain, water pump, and clutch.

At one point it started running on two cylinders and I was told that it could have been a number of things, so I was chasing all of these leads with no luck. Over half of the things I replaced weren't necissary. It turned out to be one bad injector.

Had the AC recharged.

Replaced center console trim piece. The car had been broken into before and they stole the stereo.

Paint is oxidizing on the bumpers and underneath the spoiler. There was a factory recall on that.

The previous owner hit some things with it. Replaced the whole rear taillight assembly. Will soon replace the rear bumper cover. Same with the front left fender.

General Comments:

You have to realize that I got the car for only $1400. It was no were near perfect. I only have about $4500 into it total. Now, the car is incredible. It's fast, it's sexy, and it has never left me stranded, yet it still gets 33 miles to the gallon at 80 miles an hour with the AC on. The parts that I replaced sound bad, but most of them came from a local salvage yard at very low cost. The body is very strait. I make it sound bad, but I am a total perfectionist. If you were to actually see the car now, you wouldn't believe it after reading all of this. A lot of the money I put into it was also for accessories.

Tinted windows.

Blue headlights.

'02 Subaru WRX wheels (yes, they do fit).

WRX hood scoop.

Cold air intake with K&N filter.

Cherry bomb muffler with 4" tip.


Panasonic CD player

Audiobahn 3.5 in. component speakers

Eclipse 5.25 in. coaxial speakers

Volfenhag 1600W amp

2 12" Kicker Comp VR subs.

This car does everything it should do. With at least 190 hp, it is faster than most cars. It handles incredibly well for being related to the Grand Am. Yet with all of this, it is still as economical as a Honda, but much more fun and comfortable to drive. Overall, it really is a ten.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2004

22nd Sep 2004, 16:04

Aside from whether a Calais is "sexy" (or not), exactly which Camaros is this car faster than (when it's running, that is)?

The four-cylinder ones?

7th Nov 2004, 12:46

Totally Awesome Car, and one of Oldsmobile's best!

The Quad 442 is a very rarest one so hang on to it!

2nd May 2006, 19:15

Hey, I have a quad 442, 1990 and I love it, you say it has 190 horsepower? well I did put on a performance air filter, you also say you put on a hood scoop, I am just curious what that looked like, well I would love to share pictures of the quad 442s, all I have to say is that it has so much power and I can beat many of cars out there on the steets, I would also like to get a performance chip for mine, does it help all that much?

1990 Oldsmobile Calais S 442 model 2.3 DOHC HO from North America


Easy way to a speeding ticket


Fuel injector for cylinder 3 didn't function properly - replaces 2nd day of ownership.

Exhaust shield was lose.

Nothing else has gone wrong...yet.

General Comments:

Very reliable car. very quick for a 4 cylinder.

Managing 7s 0-60 and low 15's high 14's 1/4 mile.

Comfy seats.

Looks amazing for the year.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2004

10th Dec 2007, 18:35

Definitely hang on to that one. As you can tell from the only other Quad 442 review, I loved mine and regret ever losing it. Just watch out for a bad head gasket around 140k to 150k if it hasn't been replaced yet.