14th Apr 2003, 13:34


I have a Comment about a 1987 Calais Oldsmobile

I have just gotten the car and to long ago I took it for a spin and it started to choke and back fire, these cars I are easy to fix, but this I don't understand!

18th Nov 2004, 09:53

I now own a 1986 Oldsmobile Calais 2 Dr. coupe that had belonged to my parents since new. My father let it go for nothing because he didn't want to keep it maintained any longer. He had a lot minor little things go wrong with it, but kept it nonetheless. I have since completely reconditioned the whole car through out. I discovered during the strip down phase, that this car is very simply engineered and manufactured. Nothing is over-built to last.

If the N-body it properly cared for and maintained, it should hold up to normal driving. However, this is NO race car, or sports car. It is a small, light compact car given a slightly plusher interior than most other cars in its category. (note; the special Pace Car editions were custom built by outside vendors, and not typical of the model.) Even the later models with the quad cams, and V6 aren't built any better than the first ones off the assembly line. I know, because I have looked many over in the junk yards. My advice is that if you own a FWD Calais, drive it modestly. If you drive it hard and slam it around, it will not hold up! If you keep it maintained, clean, and in a garage, and drive it normally, it should last relatively quite a while. The earlier models (like mine) are now pushing 20 years old. As they say; Since they do not build them like they used to,I'd have to say that in hindsight, a 20+ year old Calais is a fairly remarkable milestone of achievement.

Abuse, and you lose! end of story...

9th Mar 2005, 14:27

Of course you had problems you did pay $500 right? no car that costs $500 will run well as a general rule. Plus the fact it was obviously modified: 140 horsepower from the Pontiac-built 151 cubic inch (2.5 Liter) in-line 4 aka: The

4 Tech? A factory 4 Tech had 98 horsepower in '87 and '88. That's another reason why you had such trouble. The Calais was one of the best cars from the 80s, but only if its taken care of end of story!

4th Aug 2007, 09:31

My 1987 Olds Calais was the greatest car ever made. Sure it was the 2.5 liter and not the Quad 4, but it got over 30 mpg and was easily going to hit 200,000 miles when an old lady rear ended it and it was totaled (199,780 miles on the odometer). If you know how to replace the alternator and heater core, the car will last and serve you well.

9th Aug 2007, 01:54

Sorry, bub. You just got ripped off... Considering you had 3 previous owners and you only paid $500, that'd be the reason half your problems occurred. I've had my '87 Calais for just over 2 years and have only replaced the muffler and alternator... Have not had one slip up with the car since and for being 20 years old, it runs better than my girlfriend's '98 Mazda 626...So you just got a bad pick of the bunch.