1985 Oldsmobile Ciera Brougham 3.8 from North America


Right Ball Joint

High Pressure fuel lines rusted out

Power steering fluid leak until bought sealing refill - cold weather

Always been some kind of valve tick?


Oil from fill-up or leakage causing failed starter motor?

Seats gone.

General Comments:

Fast car with the 3.8

All power stuff works including cruise control

I forgot about v-6 engines after all my four cylinders.

Bad gas mileage 12-16 mpg.

Would like a Toyota Prius or hybrid have button for aweful fuel efficiency on command

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Review Date: 6th October, 2004

1985 Oldsmobile Ciera Holiday 2.5 4 cylinder from North America


Very good first car


The valve cover gasket had to be replaced, it was very easy to do and was very cheap. Other than usual tune ups that car has been great.

General Comments:

The seats are very comfortable, the car is a great choice for a long trip. This one is a rare Holiday coupe, one of 9,836 made in 1985 so I haven't seen a lot around.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2004

1985 Oldsmobile Ciera LS 173 ci (2.8 litre ) 2 Barrel carbureted V6 from North America


Reliable, well performing transportation


Alternator burned out at 147000 ks.

Had to clean out and reseal transmission oil pan.

All of the emissions smog hoses were cracked and broken, so I ripped them all out along with the smog pump.

Upholstery is starting to show its age.

Gone through two sets of belts.

General Comments:

This is a very tough car. It is a full frame chassis, so it weighs in at 3200 lbs, even though it's a pretty modestly sized car.

The carbureted 2.8 v6 is a hard working engine, its only weak point being it does not have a serpentine belt system. This leads too bad things because the V belts tend to shake off kind of easily.

I have the 3 speed with over drive transmission. This transmission runs in some peculiar ways, shifts are sluggish, but with the OD on, its nice to cruise at 140 kph at 2300 rpm. One thing you have to be very careful with this particular transmission is fluid level. Let the fluid go too low, and it slips with any amount of throttle added, makes a very not nice grinding sound.

If you can find one, get yourself a parts car, and as little things like ashtrays break, transfer the parts over.

Be very careful about smoking up the tires with these cars, as they are one wheeler peelers. Spinning only one wheel fries with the differential, you may find yourself spinning the wheels around a corner then suddenly have a set of gears come through the firewall. Not nice.

I recommend this car to anyone in need of reliable transportation, reasonable fuel mileage, and a customizable car.

Invest in some wheels/tires, maybe lowering springs, and take your car to a muffler shop, have them cut your catalytic converter off, and you have yourself a nice sounding, and looking car.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2003