1987 Oldsmobile Ciera Standard 3.8 V6 from North America


Great car for transportation if you do care about aesthetics


Rust spots showing at bottom of the doors, but the car was originally in Chicago in its early life.

Paint finish has always been poor, but it is an old car.

Most aggravating issue is plastic ashtray guide rails are broken, which results in astray dangling from cigarette lighter wire. Found four of these assemblies at a junk yard, and they were all also broken.

Press-button door locks are "stiff", and I have not been able to figure out how to "loosen" them. These are all minor things if all you care about is basic transportation.

General Comments:

Basic car but very dependable. The ride is smooth.

Not a good looking car, but it gets you where you are going in a dependable fashion.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2011

1987 Oldsmobile Ciera Brougham 2.5 TBI "Iron Duke" from North America


This car simply WON'T DIE!


Fuel Lines.

Brake Lines.

Valve cover gasket.

That's it.

General Comments:

It's not the fastest thing in the world, or the prettiest, but boy this car does what it's supposed to do... run and drive.

I bought it with just a hair over 100k on it, and it now has 294,655 miles on it as of this morning!

The only things I have ever had to do to this car was new fuel lines, brake lines, and a valve cover gasket. Other than that, it's had regular maintenance.

It has lots of low end brunt, but loses steam quickly... it can easily keep up with a 200 hp V6 upon takeoff, but that's about it.

Needless to say, my next car will certainly be a Iron Duke powered A-body.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2010

1987 Oldsmobile Ciera GT 3.8 V6 from North America


Had it for 20 years


Car has been in our possession for 20 years, and has outlasted 2 other cars we have owned; a 95 Ford Thunderbird we junked, and a 99 Grand Am, which is what my husband drives.

Besides changing oil filters and fluids:

Starter replaced at 74,566 and 170,410 miles.

Alternator replaced at 126,807 miles.

Struts replaced at 152,580 miles.

Motor mounts replaced at 155,661 miles.

General Comments:

This is a pretty good car.

It has never needed a new engine or transmission.

This car also gets abused by my husband sometimes when he wants to drive it really fast.

The gas gauge is also not accurate after 1/4 tank.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2010

1987 Oldsmobile Ciera Brougham 3.8L Fuel Injected V6 from North America


Great car that handles all I throw at her; fuel efficiency at it's best


Minor wiring problems.

Ash tray guide broken.

Tilt-steering bolts tightened 93550.

General Comments:

This is an excellent car, and I couldn't ask for more from it. 30MPG highway, 23 city, and with a 3.8L V6 it really gets up and goes. Just press the gas and she takes off from the line like a mad dog.

Interior is very comfortable, and looks great. Radio is nice, but the front cardboard speakers need replaced. Everything with the car generally works, and I've not had any major issues with my Cutlass Ciera yet.

There is some minor wiring problems, presumably in the dash. My right taillight quit working when I pressed the brakes, yet all it's other functions work fine. I ended up taking off the center brake light and running it to the right side. The car passed inspection like a breeze after this.

The car handles beautifully, taking turns at what speed I ask it to (55 around a sharp 30), and I love that the P195/75/14 tires are really cheap, $50 a piece at Wal*Mart.

She doesn't leak oil or any other fluids, and in general needs only routine maintenance. I had to replace the fuel filter, but the sort of thing is expected after so many miles.

I'd buy another Oldsmobile in a heart beat, as this car is extremely reliable and has a great personality of it's own.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2008

1987 Oldsmobile Ciera International Sedan 2.8L from North America


Best Car in the 80's by far!!!


Well this was my mom's car from 1989-1999. I got the car with 78,000 miles.

Headliner was already falling down at 70,000.

I replace the heater core around 85,000.

The brakes I did once front and back.

My Mom never broke down with it. But in 2003 I was late to work cause ignition module went on it.

General Comments:

I loved this car the second my Dad came home with it from the dealer. It was only 2 years old, it looked mint.

This car has been all over. It went to Vermont for camping once. Also went to Hampton Beach in New Hampshire.

In 2002 (15 years old) I drove it to Baltimore, no problem. I live in Connecticut.

This car maybe Grand-mom's wheels, but don't tell that to the Civic's I take all time at stop lights. The car just goes its only a 3 speed, so it dose 75mph in 2nd, one shift that's it gone!!!

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Review Date: 28th January, 2006