1991 Oldsmobile Ciera STD 3.3L V6 from North America


I would recommend this car to anyone looking for an affordable car


Considering the car wasn't well cared for it had an array of problems. Leaky Valve cover (common on GMs with plastic valve covers), A/C burned out, Wheel Bearings were bad when the car was purchased, Fuel Pump died, Alternator went bad, Battery died in the dead of winter, Interior driver side door handle broke, exterior front passenger handle broke, Front passenger door flooded when it rained and leaked into the car.

General Comments:

I purchased this car after a new york cab driver T-boned my 90 Accord. My neighbor sold me his old Oldsmobile for $25 since I needed a car.

There were a few problems when I purchased the vehicle but most were cheap to fix.

The car was very quick and wouldn't get stuck for long in snow. The car was too small for me since I am 6'1" and the bench seat wouldn't go back far enough. Overall this car lasted me 3 years before I decided to buy a Chevy Lumina.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2008

1991 Oldsmobile Ciera SL 3.3L from North America


One of Oldsmobile's best!


I had to change the starter and alternator twice.

I had to change water pump once.

3 months later it blew a head and intake gasket.

The power window refuses to roll back up on driver's side.

Last month the radiator froze up (my fault).Amazingly, no harm was done.

General Comments:

The problems listed above all occurred in the 8 years I've owned this car. I have no complaints, really.

It is reliable and really has the power!

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Review Date: 24th January, 2005

1991 Oldsmobile Ciera S 3.3L V6 from North America


Great used car!


Very little has gone wrong with this car! I purchased the car at 100,000 miles and other than routine maintenance problems I have had very little problems in the past year.

The driver's seat spring is broken. which at 100K miles seems kind of early (compared to other cars I have owned).

The "service engine" light is on and Code 26 is registered. My local mechanic is unable to pinpoint the problem. A real problem, as PA has gone to a new emissions inspection system that requires no codes be in the system.

General Comments:

The 3.3L V6 engine moves out quite smartly, and the transmission shifts like a dream.

GM isn't sharing technical data with the local repair shops, forcing me back to the dealer to get the required emissions repairs completed.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2004

1991 Oldsmobile Ciera SL 3.3 from North America


Reliable and good MPG, a real plus


Water Pump at 55,000 and again at 92,000 miles $450 x 2.

Exhaust Manifold replaced at 85,000 miles $600.00.

Change over A/C, with New Compressor, dryer, low pressure pipe $718.00 at 91,000 miles.

Alternator R/R at 92,000, $236.00.

Brakes R/R Front at 52,000, rear at 72,000 miles including new rear drums, both approx. $450.00.

General Comments:

The car gets 25 mpg here in town and 30 mpg with A/C on the interstate and up to 35 mpg w/o the A/C.

The car has been very reliable and rather cost efficient until it hit 90,000. Then within the next 3,000 miles, it was about $1,800 bucks.

It starts every morning and is most reliable to get me to work or errands and is comfortable to drive on trips to NC.

It has failed on the road only 2 times in 94,000 miles and that was battery and water pump. All the other service was done where I drove the car to the garage.

The headlining needs replacing as it is turning loose from the roof, est. another $150.00 bucks. Seats wearing some on the drivers side and have to get some repair there.

I bought the car from my mom and it sat for the biggest part of 2 years without being driven or serviced so it had some miss-treatment at about 52,000 miles.

I have put 40,000 plus and it really is a good car and I would buy another...Jeff.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2004