29th Apr 2006, 13:37

They are also safer given their lower center of gravity, unlike all SUVs today.

30th Apr 2006, 13:50

If only one could still find them! They are a great rarity now - very few left. We used to have a 1972 Olds Vista Cruiser with a 350, but it wasn't road worthy. My brother bought it for $150 for a 'field car' - we just used it around the farm.

12th Aug 2006, 22:08

Had a 1972 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser from 1979 to 1982. It was the best car I ever had. Towed a stuck Ford Bronco out of a deep sand dune in Texas. If you folded down the 2 rear seats, a twin size mattress fit perfectly. Raced a Trans Am, and won. Due to the rear side windows distorting my view while backing up, I bumped into the outside frame of a garage. An 8-foot crack in the brick face was the damage to the house, the car only needed the brick dust blown off the rather huge rear bumper.

What a car!

2nd Aug 2007, 16:57

God I miss the old days when they made the large station wagons; you sure rarely see the 1971-76 GM's clam shell body station wagons around these days, which is very unfortunate; those cars remind me of the simpler days of my life. I would rather own a Classic Station Wagon over a minivan or a SUV any day.

I would definitely recommend getting a dual exhaust on your wagon.

10th Sep 2007, 22:57

I just bought me a 1972 Custom Cruiser about a week ago. I have always been attracted to the bigger cars, yet with the crazy ridiculous prices in fuel cost, I almost overlooked this beauty. I bought it from a very nice elderly lady who her husband has been the original owner of the rarity since day one on the lot. It only has 105K original miles and the body and interior is in mint condition as it was garage kept. Unfortunately, the nice gentleman ended up with a sickness and the family was forced to sell. The day I test drove it, the car was spitting and misfiring. The car ended up dying on the side of the road. Fortunately, I knew where to look for the problem and I ended up replacing the coil. It ran like a champ since and I really love the power this big car can produce. I was originally thinking about selling it to a collector, but in the short time I've had it, I am falling in love with it. I can't believe it runs and looks as good as it does. It seems that every where I drive it, someone approaches me to talk about how good it looks. I really has awesome lines. I try to think back to my childhood days and I can't even remember seeing one of these before. I am trying to reseach how many were actually made.

13th Sep 2007, 21:25

I was given a fully option loaded 1972 custom cruiser back in 1983. At over 5000lbs. car would spin rear tires for 10 to 15 feet with posi-traction rear end! I once mowed over a 4`` diameter tree at 40 m.p.h. and did not even dent the bumper! Scrapped car when transmission failed. (car was nice shape, but I was 20 and not into wagons). I have been looking for another, but have only seen 1 and it was in poor shape. Can`t even find them in junk yards up here. (Northwest Pa.)

25th Apr 2008, 01:02

I had a 71 and a 72 when I was 16. Drove the 72 for five years. Sold both when I bought a new car. Would love to have one now, but can't find one in good shape or one that's close by and not across the country.