1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass International 3.4 Litre DOHC 24 Valve from North America


A true driver's car


I have just gotten this car, and nothing is wrong with it so far. I have read that it is very dependable, so I am hoping for the best.

General Comments:

I just purchased this car yesterday. I was looking in the under $3000 range, and I feel fortunate to have picked this one up for $2800. It is the International model, which is the sportiest version of the Cutlass Supreme for the 92 year.

I really had no idea what I was getting into before I went to look at the car, but I just wanted to check it out because I liked the car's looks. It turns out that it would have been hard to make my $2800 any better spent.

I don't know what Consumers Guide could have been thinking when they gave it just a ho-hum review, because this car absolutely rocks. It is very sporty, smooth (except over bumps), and a true drivers car.

The first thing I noticed about it when I went to look at it, was that it had two bucket seats and a center console in the back instead of a bench. I figured that the good and the bad aspects of this weighed out evenly. It was good because the seats are stylish and their occupants get to enjoy the support of sport-style buckets in the back. It's bad because it means that you can fit only four people into your car.

The front sport-style bucket seats are something else. The headrests, the side supports, the bottoms, and the lumbars are all electronically adjustable on both seats. They are both quite comfortable and supportive.

The car has a wonderful, quiet, climate control system that can be fully operated from the steering wheel. The stereo system can also be operated from the steering wheel controls.

The interior does lack somewhat in style, because it has 80's-ish looking appointments, but the handsome seats, comfortable overall feel, and well laid out/interesting gadgetry help to make up for it.

One unique and extremely convenient feature of this car is the H.U.D., which is a digital speedometer readout that is displayed on the windshield in front of you. It looks like the speed of your car is floating above the front of the hood, and it is most convenient when driving. When I thought about it, I became most surprised that this wasn't available on many other cars. I wonder why not!

The car is also different from most other cars, in the fact that when you are driving it, it feels like you are in a cockpit -- which is quite enjoyable. Part of the cockpit appeal belongs to the car's performance. It is quite fast (even with the automatic transmission that I have), with a very smooth engine, and it handles well and has a solid and poised road feel. It's also comfortable and smooth, although it takes bumps somewhat harshly. Even though it has this problem with bumps, the problem isn't terrible, and the overall smoothness and performance of the car makes up for it.

As for exterior looks, the car is gorgeous (in two-door form). It has a sporty and dignified look, bordering on exotic. Although mine is maroon, I would have to say that in white -- especially with the right rims -- this car would absolutely rock.

I really have no complaints about it -- just a few minor qualms:

It would be nicer if it wasn't so harsh over the bumps.

The front driver's side seat could use some more leg room, although I get by with it.

It doesn't have the best braking performance.

The movement of the front passenger seat isn't electrical (although the performance features of it are).

It also doesn't have a C.D. player or a sunroof, but those options were probably available originally.

So overall, I must say that this is a fantastic car, probably more enjoyable to drive than even most newer cars.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2005

9th Feb 2005, 16:36

1. The price you paid was slightly higher than the NADA high retail figure, so hope your car is in MINT condition.

2. The HUD option was available on other Oldsmobile models, as well as some Pontiacs and Nissans.

3. While subjective, if your last sentence were true, the Cutlass--and Oldsmobile--would still be around.

24th May 2005, 23:41

In response to the original comments:

The electric seat, CD, and sunroof were options on it from GM that year. I do agree with the rough on bumps, but that is caused in part by the trade off for better handling than your Grandma's Caddy.

In response to Reviewer #2:

1. NADA quotes a generic price, and as the Intl series replaced the 442, NADA's quote is most certainly off, assuming that the car was sold to this guy by a fellow Olds fan who knew what he had ahold of.

2. Agreed, but this does not lessen the excitement of the HUD.

3. The people who made the choice to can Olds / Cutlass are behind a desk, not actually driving these things and talking to us. They most likely are the same type of people who sign up for an ISP off of a disk they got in their mail, so what does that say...

20th May 2008, 11:47

I once had a 1991 Olds Intl and my Husband used it as a trade in!!! I am still sick over it and am now looking for one. Everything you said about it was right on the mark in my opinion.

1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass convertable 6 cylinder 3.1 liter from North America


This is my dream car


It needed new shocks.

It needed a new top.

General Comments:

I love this car, I just turned 16 and my parents bought this car for me for my birthday. I get a lot of comments from people at school and evrywhere I go. It's a great, reliable car with a powerful enough engine to be sporty, but not too powerful for high insurance rates.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2004