1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass GLS 3.1 Liter V6 from North America


A nice looking, handling piece of @#$%.


The ABS light intermittently comes on.

Had to replace a fuel injector.

Alternator just went out at 60,000 miles, along with the gas gauge spinning around to the bottom becoming inoperable.

General Comments:

Runs smooth when running.

Quick acceleration.

Seriously contemplating fixing the dash and getting rid of it. Don't need a money pit.

Maybe get a Saturn.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2003

13th May 2004, 18:46

I also have a 1998 Olds Cutlass GLS.

My ABS light intermittently comes on.

My gas gauge needle went all the way around and got "stuck". To fix this I took it to a friend that used to work at a GM dealer. It was caused by a power surge.

My car has 82000 miles and runs great! Great sound, great comfort, great gas mileage (at $2 a gallon this is a good thing).


20th Aug 2004, 06:44

Transmission feels like it is "slamming" into gear. Purchased a code reader and cleared all faults clearing problem. However, fault code P0113 (Intake Air Temperature Sensor Circuit High Voltage) keeps returning, causing this problem to return. Suggestions?

5th Dec 2004, 09:14

Try using electrical parts cleaner on the intake sensors to fix the voltage problem.

10th Jan 2005, 18:04

I've had my cutlass for 6 years it had 32,000 miles when I bought it. It now has 82,000 miles on it. It Just started leaking coolant. Took it to the mechanic it was the intake manifold gasket. My ABS light goes on all the time. My A/C light goes on and off. I had to get another alternator. Nothing to costly drives really good. I've been happy with it.

17th Mar 2005, 10:59

I purchased a 1994 Olds Cutlass Supreme with 151 K miles about 3 1/2 years ago. The tranny was failing when I bought it, as I was told. After a year I rebuilt the tranny and currently have 225 K miles with some additional brake work and door handle repair. Its been a great car.

25th Aug 2007, 22:12

My 1998 Cutlass is a nice looking piece of crap as well. I will never again purchase another Chevy.

The ABS light is on a lot, and it dies all the time. Any time I stop, the car dies, and every dealership can't seem to find out what's wrong with it.

We have replaced the fuel pump and the fuel injector, and no luck yet. Oh, and did I mention the car dies when I turn my air on too?

1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass 3.1 liter from North America


Disappointing after my last Cutlass


Replaced cassette/radio first year.

Breaks completely replaced at 2 years and 4 years.

New battery replaced at 2+ years.

All 4 tires replaced at 3 years.

Theft system replacement at 3 years (had to be towed and light still occasionally comes on).

Ignition keys stopped fitting several times.

It developed a clunking noise when it goes over bumps, changes speed, or turns that the dealer says is no problem -- but has not been able to diagnose.

The air conditioner doesn't always work and I have been told they'll have to replace it (it began to fail intermittently a few days after the warranty expired).

The temperature controls occasionally start just resetting themselves, and the dealer has no idea what to do about it.

Alternator replaced (on long trip) at 4 years.

Power steering pump replaced at 4.5 years.

The antifreeze light is now coming on and staying on (it's full and has been checked twice in the past week) and will be checked (again) tomorrow.

General Comments:

Good power in mountains.

Nice package of fog lights, hard mud flaps, trunk net, and very adjustable electronic seats that fit both tall and short people (like a loaded Chevy Malibu).

I've read that many of the problems this car has had are also reported in the Chevy Malibu.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2003

1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass GLS 3.1L V6 from North America


Designed to survive the warranty, no more.


12,000 miles - replaced both front, lower control arms (warranty)

24,000 miles - battery self-destructed, leaked acid all over the garage floor.

28,000 miles - front rotors replaced.

32,000 miles - alternator replaced, required towing.

35,000 miles - tires replaced.

36,000 miles - front speakers replaced.

40,000 miles - front brakes replaced.

41,000 miles - serpentine belt replaced.

41,000 miles - intake manifold gaskets replaced, water leaking into the fuel, causes loud knocking during cold start then gradually dissipates.

General Comments:

Like a rock?

More like 'rot' if you ask me.

I will not buy another GM product.

Any comparison to my Honda (from the same year; 56,000 miles) is like night vs. day, and the Olds was pampered.

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Review Date: 25th December, 2002