2000 Oldsmobile Cutlass from North America




The fuel pump has gone out, twice in the past year. Since its located inside the gas tank, the repairs were quite pricey.

The engine overheated if you got going above 55mph for very long.

Water pump broke at 159000.

Serpentine belt fell off around 150000.

General Comments:

A good get around town car. Nothing very fancy. Eats up the $ on repairs and that's why I got rid of it.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2005

18th Jan 2006, 19:21

Well what do you expect with a car that has over 159000 miles, you have to expect to do some repairs on anything even if its new.

21st Apr 2010, 21:34

I have 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL dr with 224000 miles on it.

Same transmission, except water pump (60000 miles) and alternator (at 168000 miles) and everything is original.

The key is to do your maintenance no matter what, if you're planning to keep your car long time.

My tranny was serviced every 2 years.

I like this car. It has looks, power, quiet, roomy, great gas mileage for a V6, no timing belt, no timing chain.

It still runs great.