5th Sep 2004, 18:12

My dad owned a 1978 cutlass Supreme which he purchased in '84. It was a very reliable car which ran pretty smoothly. The 260 V8 was extremely underpowered. My dad didn't mind since he has always been a conservative driver. However, once at about 30 M.p.h. he got the urge to floor the car, and let me tell you, that little v8 performed very impressively from 30 to 70! I'll never forget laughing all the way home.

14th Dec 2004, 14:01

I have an Olds 260 that has about 20K on it, I was just going to junk it, would anybody actually buy this?? It's in perfect shape, it just wasn't big enough. Let me know if you want it on the cheap. bammer1313@hotmail.com.

29th Apr 2005, 20:02

My first car was a 79 cutlass with the 260V8. I replaced it with a 1970 olds 350 higher compression V8. I really loved and miss that car. With that engine I could pin the 85 speedometer on an entrance ramp, while getting 18mpg. My friends neon 4cyl automatic only gets 24. So much for progress.

31st Oct 2005, 19:51

I just want to know what you meant when you said Oldsmobile was gone.

1st Nov 2005, 02:35

The last Olds rolled off the assembly line in September of 2004, the last of 500 special edition Aleros, and the end of 108 years of superb cars (started in 1897, oldest automaker in the country). Yes, it's 108 years if you include production in 1897 and 2004. I think the financial pressure UAW put on GM is what brought Olds down, but maybe I'm wrong. If you want to work, you work, and if you don't, you don't. Even a crappy job is still a job. UAW was so eager to improve the jobs of GM workers, that they forced GM to retire a division, leaving workers with not a better job, but no job. Three cheers for UAW.

5th Dec 2009, 22:22

I just got me a 1978 Cutlass Supreme 350 engine. The interior is trashed and it has a bad hydraulics system. Exterior is clean solid white, very powerful engine. Any suggestions on what I should do with it (stock. dragster, low rider, sprint...etc)? Any ideas for this potentially sweet ride?