10th Sep 2005, 06:23

I too own an 89 Olds-5speed, original owner and the car runs fabulous. It doesn't look so hot, but the engine is in great condition, 180,000 miles, great gas mileage! I bought the car brand new, the shifting mechanism works great, very low maintenance.

15th Sep 2005, 21:38

I bought an '89 Cutlass Ciera International four years ago and am very impressed so far. It is a very basic model with the simple graph speedometer and "only when you need to see 'em" lights on the dash (nice the nicer one with multiple round gagues), and low-end factory FM radio. It's also the low-end trim level with no frills whatsoever. The paint is weak--especially on the hood--but the rest shines up nicely with a coat of wax. The engine is the 2.8, I believe, and it is about the best-quality engine I've ever had the pleasure of revving. I had a little problem with what my mechanic called "spark plug crossover", and I've had to replace the fuel pump and exhaust system, but other than that, the car has performed flawlessly. For a simple, basic, well-made car, you can't beat the quality of the Cutlass Ciera. There's lots of after-market (and some factory) mods you can get locally, and since they're the same thing as the Buick Century, Pontiac 6000 and Chevy Celebrity, there's LOTS of parts available. I've had two front end bumps (going about 10 MPH) and the only thing that's happened was that the grille broke. Everything on the car is easy to fix and well-made. I love it, and I'll probably be driving it for quite awhile yet. It still only has 106K on it (had 68K on it when I bought it!), so there's lots of cruising left. And, better yet, they hold their value because they're still quite sought after. The Ciera International is worth the most, and it's a surprising amount (about $2500.00--not bad for a 16 year old Olds!).

P.S. These were made in Canada, I believe, and the 1989 was the first year of the "rounded" body style which was made until about 1996 with few changes.

12th Oct 2005, 14:20

I too have an 1989 Cutlass Supreme SL and mine is still running too! I did have to put a new transmission in mine and a few other minor things done, and my paint job didn't last long after the recall on the color, but other than that at 176,000 miles what do you expect! The interior has worn and my headliner finally fell, and I too am now having some minor things done for my 17 yr.old. I couldn't have ever purchased a better car for the longevity.

10th May 2007, 19:52

I have an 81 Olds Cutlass, and I have had her for 13 years now. She is the best car I've ever had, and she now has 328,000 miles and is still going.

I do have to get the brakes fixed, but that's just normal things. I wish I could get another Olds Cutlass and I have been looking.

I had a Olds Ciera and unfortunately I was rearended after owning it for six days, so I didn't get to evaluate it too much.

The Olds Cutlass is the best, my friends say " You're still driving THAT car" and I just smile and tell them yes. Best car I"ve ever had.