16th Jan 2006, 10:38

I too have a 95 Cutlass convertible, with 69K miles. Its top is in need of replacement, but then, its 11 years old. I too have the oil leak, which is apparently common on the 3.4. The local Chevy dealer works on it, and told me it is expensive to fix, because its hard to work on. The oil leak most likely would require the intake manifold to be removed, as I was told.. mine has an intake manifold gasket leak and the oil leak. The Chevy dealer told me the oil leak would be inexpensive to fix, if I do it at the same time as the intake manifold gasket. But, the 3.4 is one of the silkiest engines I've driven, and I love my olds. While I'd agree that some of the interior components are less than quality, its still a fun car to drive, and I get compliments all the time. This car has been mentioned numerous times by folks to become a real collectible. So, I'm hanging on to mine and keeping it in top running condition. New top going on in the spring. Its in the garage for the winter now.. can't wait til spring. So, if the rest of your car is in reasonably good shape, I'd fix the leak. The prices on eBay seem to be holding steady, and I expect next year or so, to start seeing them increase.

Enjoy your car!

14th Jan 2008, 11:27

Has anyone found replacement rear lower window seals? I cannot locate them anywhere. How about after market or any substitutions? I own 2 a 1994 and 95 convertible. Both in need of replacements.

6th Feb 2008, 15:56

Regarding replacement rear lower window seals - there was a discussion about this on the message board at http://www.w-body.com. One of the people posting had inquired with a weatherstripping manufacturer about reproducing these seals. There was also a thread from a couple of years ago that also covered how to replace these seals.

I have a 1995 Cutlass Convertible, and one of my rear seals is broken. It's a small tear, so 1/2" piece of electrical tape is sufficient to seal the gap, but I too, would like replace the weatherstripping. I had ordered a piece of weatherstripping from an aftermarket company to replace my torn seal. It looked pretty close to the factory seal, I just never made time to try and install it.

For now I keep all the weatherstripping and seals lubed with Sil-Glyde from NAPA auto parts.

20th Jun 2009, 18:37

I also drove a Cutlass 1995 convertible and was little hard in braking. Is this common because of weight or whatever?

6th Aug 2014, 19:52

Addressing your hard braking issue - my 95 was like that when I bought it. Turns out there was a bad vacuum line. Cost me about $40 to have it fixed.