1970 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Custom Sedan 7.5 Liter (455 CID) V8 from North America


Big, evil looking and intimidating, like the cost of filling it with gas...


Valve cover gaskets.

Oil pan gasket.

Heater core.

Fan clutch.

Fuel pump.

Rebuilt carberator.

General Comments:

I snatched up this car after my dad passed away, for fear that one of the grandkids would beat on it and destroy what was left of it. It turns out there was a lot more left than I imagined. This car is 99% rust free, and still has a shiny original dog-dung brown paint. This spring, I plan on repainting it rally Red.

Most of the above problems only occurred after it had sat for 9 idle years. This car has enough power and torque to pull a castle of its foundation. I pulled my neighbor's '77 F-250 out of the ditch last spring, no joke!! It intimates and frightens the drivers of mere mortal Japanese imports as it looms in the rearview. At a dead stop, the engine is barely audible. But if floored, it lets out a ferocious roar (especially with it's new glasspacks) that can be heard for miles as it burns up its tires for a few blocks.

Terrible fuel economy (9 MPG city and 16 Highway, if I drive the speed limit). But what I waste on gas I save on repairs. This beast refuses to die. This is the perfect car for highway trips. Ice cold A/C. It rides like a magic carpet, the ugly tan seats are surprisingly comfy, and it seats 6 overweight adults with ease, or 8 if you really squish. There's room for 5 or 6 more in the trunk if you're in a pinch.

I wish America still knew how to build real full-size cars, not this Nissan-Toyota-Honda tin can garbage...

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Review Date: 21st February, 2001

17th Aug 2001, 14:13

The 1970 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Custom, has to be the best car I ever owned... and I've owned many. I about cried the day I had to get rid of her... had no room.. had to sell her.. so I sold to a friend... I about DIED.. or killed him when he wrecked her!! I WANT MY BABY BACK!!! :(