1981 Oldsmobile Delta 88 royal brougham 307 V8 from North America


The great "old school" car


Failed smog test few times

Front suspension ball joints/bushings due to the age/ mileage. They still lasted much much longer then in the newer cars.

Sagged roof headliner.

Trunk lid strut supports do not work.

Low mpg, long braking distance, high gas prices, and small parking spaces make this excellent car more difficult to use now days as a commuter/ everyday driver.

General Comments:

Exceptionally smooth ride +++

Strong body (was rammed by Ford Crown Victoria) but was minimally damaged and kept going

Roomy interior

Nice body styling makes it handsome despite huge size.

Lots of trunk space.

Easy to use hand and foot controls.

Easy to troubleshoot and repair; many parts were purchased from the junkyard and chain stores; minimal ****ing electronics to worry about.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2007

1981 Oldsmobile Delta 88 307 from North America


I didn't know what a great car was until I bought my first delta 88


My transmission started slipping at 200000. I did a lot of mountain traveling which caused the transmission to shift more than normal usage.

I had to get a valve job at 177000 because I got lazy and didn't change the oil often enough. The valves and rings became gummy and sluggish.

Other than these, it was normal maintenance.

General Comments:

I currently own 2 1981 delta 88 olds. They are the best cars I've owned. Roomy, comfortable, dependable and highly reliable.

Their performances has always been outstanding. I have taken them on many vacations and never had problems.

I like their style too. Like owning a Cadillac without the high cost of buying one.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2004

3rd Jun 2004, 13:26

Hey, you said it all! There is something to be said about big rear wheel drive cars. The only downfall is fuel economy. Something I am willing to trade for a safe, reliable car that rides great.

1981 Oldsmobile Delta 88 307 Y from North America


A cheap powerful beater


New oil pan gasket at 250000.

New transmission at 300000.

General Comments:

This car has a low cost of ownership. It's cheap as heck to get parts for it. It will have LESS wear and tear than all FWD cars. Your gas bills will be high (about 5km to the litre), but you won't spend more than C$800/year keeping it, which is a low cost of ownership for any vehicle.

Keep 65R15 tires on it and she'll handle great.

Tear out the catalytic converter and you'll have a great beater.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2001