1990 Oldsmobile Delta 88 3.8 from North America


Loved it


The transmission leaked slightly at about 140,000 miles, and I took it to the dealer and they fixed the leak, and also put synthetic transmission fluid in it; no problems since.

It sometimes would stop running at a stop light; I took it to the dealer, but whatever they did didn't fix it, it still would occasionally stop running. It wasn't that big of a problem, so I never pursued it later.

I think I had to put one coil pack on it once, and I had to replace one spark plug wire.

The rear passenger door latch broke internally, so it had to be opened from the inside.

The power antenna didn't work when I got the car, so I replaced it with a non-power unit.

For all the years I owned the car, the repair expense was very minor.

General Comments:

I finally traded it off in 2008, because I hit a deer and wiped out the front right headlight and parking light assembly, and curled the hood slightly, and moved the right fender back enough to make the passenger door scrape when opened.

The power train is excellent; drive at any speed, it is fast enough for me. I never had trouble with anything on the power train except the transmission slight leak, which I had fixed. Mileage on trips was about 25 MPG average, no complaints on economy, it never used oil and I still went 5,000 miles between changes without adding oil at 190,000 miles.

It was a great car, it had everything I liked, nothing I didn't like. I don't like anti-lock brakes, nor do I like airbags, and it had neither, but it had all the goodies, power everything, and cruise.

I still look at autotrader.com and am still considering replacing it with another one; one of the best cars I have ever had, and comfortable to sit in.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 19th January, 2009