22nd Apr 2010, 18:09

I've owned two of these, the Royale and Royal Brougham. Both 1985 models. I'm so glad to see other people besides myself that actually appreciate these for what they are. I'm happy you take care of yours as too many people neglect them, or "pimp" them out on 26-inch wheels!! Totally ruins the look. Little things like the factory wire hubcaps, that made me smile, reminds me of my old cars.

The Royal Brougham model is the best they made and they're so hard to find.. Everything from the hood ornament to the scripted writing on the back seat really does say "royalty". You got a classic there, and if it was me I'd definitely keep her stock.

28th May 2010, 16:42

I own a 1984 Delta Royale Brougham LS. All options available except the sunroof are on it. It still has the original paint, and a real lover of these cars would never degrade these cars by doing anything to them that was not original.

These are excellent driving cars, and the 307 is extremely reliable, but I have done preventive maintenance on the car and drive it responsibly. It stays garage kept and this is vital for the vinyl roof to keep nice and not faded.

It handles nice on the road and is a joy to drive. For a V8, it does well on gas.

Tune ups are vital, and the sad fact is that mechanics today are unable to adjust these carbureted cars. Proper adjustment by a skilled person is vital for this car to run right and not rich. When done right, a driver will experience this car in all its glory and it will remain a reliable car.

Any other LS owners please respond.

6th Jan 2011, 21:35

I just bought a 1984 Olds Delta 88 Brougham. The dealer from where I purchased the car did a complete tune up, changed a power steering hose that had a minor leak, and put on new tires and brakes.

The car runs and drives beautifully. It has 88,000 original miles on it. It's tan in color and has brown interior. The interior is like brand new. The car is a dream to drive. Truly a vintage automobile in my era.

The wheel wells and the driver's door have some rust bubbling up, unfortunately. Will be checking to see what it might cost to do a little body work to it. It does need a new radio, and the windshield washer pump needs to be replaced; both stopped working a week after I had the car. The AC needs recharging in the spring.

It's a spare car so I'll take care of the little things as time and funds are available. Overall, though, I'm really enjoying the vehicle. I'm hoping that my son will want to take it one day...