6th Aug 2005, 09:20

Thanks for good realistic review, but for better winter traction I had to replace on my 02' OE Eagle LS with new set of tires (Triple Tred). No more problem with winter traction and far better handling. Very good car overall especially for our Canadian winter.

1st Apr 2006, 17:09

Yeah man, my front speakers are half blown too! And the parts about the cup holder and traction control are definitely true.

25th May 2006, 05:36

I have owned my 99 Intrigue for 2 weeks now. I do not experience the problems that the others are commented on - yet. I never thought I would buy a GM product. They were never known for their quality, but the price was right so I took a chance. I don't have a heavy foot anymore. My muscle car days and V8's are behind me. (Sure do miss those cars in that era.) My gas mileage is a consistent 27 mpg. In heavy stop and go traffic it is reduced to 25 mpg. My bother has the same car for two years now with no problems the entire time. Hope I have the same luck.

16th Jul 2008, 19:59

We have 2002 Intrigue GLS with about 95,000 miles on. It is a wonderful car without the problems that I read about on this site.

What I did a few months ago was put a cold air intake on it. The cone type that is washable, it has increased the acceleration and power. City driving is 22.5 mpg and highway is 28+ mpg.

If owners are unhappy with their Oldsmobiles, they should read about problems owners of other vehicles are having, which should make them feel better. We have 2 2002 Intrigues in family and we love them.

Parts are not very expensive, many are the same as some of the other GM vehicles. Too bad GM quit building Oldsmobiles.

Best car you can buy for the money according to my opinion!