21st May 2007, 20:25

Best Mini-Van made. Highway mileage as high as 28 MPG.

Have 106,m plus miles. No tranny problems since I bought it

3 years ago. Only expense was a new battery, tires, and brake pads. Excellent ride, ease of entry first class for front seat. 5 star rating.

4th Sep 2007, 10:38

My mom has a 2000 Olds Silhouette GLS. She bought it three years ago with 50,000 miles on it. This vehicle has also experienced intermittent shifting problems. The only major repair she has had to do is the A/C compressor went out at 95,000 miles (now has 112K). Replaced under the extended warranty she bought with a REMANUFACTURED compressor. Somehow the mechanic managed to totally screw over the front A/C and ruin the rear A/C. I would recommend this vehicle. It is very comfortable and has a lot of power.

28th Feb 2011, 16:11

I wrote the original review above. It is now Feb of 2011, and I still drive it every day. I never fixed the hard shifting tranny, and it still does it once in a while in the winter months, and often in the summer. Still hasn't broke.

To date, I have only replaced the rear air shocks at about 100,000 miles several years ago, and they are starting to go out again. It looks a little rougher, and has started rusting on one side. I can't control the passenger side window from the driver's control, and the rear wiper quit working too. Even the AC works like new with zero maintenance or repairs, which is a record for any vehicle I've ever owned.

The driver's side heated seat quit working at about 100,000 miles, but the passenger works fine still. Having owned this Silhouette almost since it has been new, it simply won't give up, and has cost me very little in repairs. Best cash I ever laid out for a car.

I want to replace it, but it's hard to get rid of something that has taken care of you so well.

Just understand, I really babied the paint, under the hood and the engine's appearance.