9th Jun 2005, 23:48

No Joke. I guess sometimes we assume things like music and styles will always be something beautiful to behold. Just look at what has happened with those. Remember all the two-tone paint jobs? They're gone, just like the chrome ball louvers on dashboards for factory air. Look at the cheap plastic louvers (that don't work) now. Those original chrome ball-style louvers embedded in felt worked better than anything since. They provided an infinite choice of positions to direct the air, and one could manipulate them without any distraction from driving. I never recalled them getting dusty, either. Oh, well. I'd love to take just one more spin in a real car with a good ol' push-button radio that has some good music coming from it.

6th Sep 2005, 21:20

Just remember today you can get any interior color combination you want so long as it is tacky tan or boring grey. Henry Ford would be proud. Contrast that with Oldsmobiles combinations in 1955. Its no wonder GM can't sell cars today except by giving them away. What ever happened to a white ragtop with a red (and chrome) interior. Or a red hardtop with a jet black interior. Or engines specific to the nameplate. In other words cars we could (and would) lust over. I owned several '55 Oldsmobiles. Loved them all. I still think they were great looking and running cars. If GM wants to regain market share they might look back to when style and independent engineering played a roll in grapping a car shopper's eye (and pocketbook).

20th Aug 2006, 08:36

I bought a 1955 Rocket 88 in Anchorage, Alaska in 1962 for $300, performed the needed body work, rebuilt its awesome 324 c.i. V-8 engine with its hydraulic lifters, had the two-tone aqua/white body painted all-white, and when I was discharged from the USAF I drove it across the largely unpaved Al-Can (Alaskan-Canadian) Highway into Montana and down to Florida, then across to California in July 1963. It started to smoke. As a poor college student I could not afford to have the engine rebuilt so I gave it to a wreaking yard in 1965. I had also replaced the hood liner, sun visor, and both seats with hand-sewn covers that I made. That was the first, and the most beautiful, most spectacular, and fastest car I ever owned. My brother used to boast that he wiped out every car, including Corvettes, off the line at stop lights in Tampa.

I used to have dreams that I still owned that beauty. A few weeks ago I made a wrong turn in San Jose, California, and I was amazed to see my ol' Olds Rocket 88 parked at the curb in front of a house. I confirmed that it was the same car that I drove to California 43 years ago. It still has the lap-type seat belts that I installed and anchored to the foot wells of the back seat. The spare wheel, that was also aqua and not painted with the other four, was mounted on the car.

I returned to take photos and spoke with its owner, who has owned it for 30 years. He is asking $4500 for it in its deplorable condition. It its heyday that car took off like its namesake, Rocket, and the hood emblem of a "Destination Moon" type of rocket served as a reminder of its awesome unbridled power and might.

I thought about buying it and restoring it, but like all things dear and beloved to us there has to be a time to make a clean, but memorable, separation.

Yousef Salem

Sunnyvale, CA.

20th Aug 2006, 18:59

I recall not needing air conditioning. My first car 50 Plymouth (not an Olds yet... I had them later) had a center push down handle under the dash that activated the center hood scoop that vented air to the interior. Also the 50-60' s cars had small tilt in vent wing windows for the driver/passenger something not seen today. Air Conditioning was for the rich in the 50's! My uncle owned a 50 Olds with the Rocket V8 which was a known hot rod favorite in the day.

19th Jun 2007, 16:48

I Own a 1955 Old S88, When you see GM before and Now, you can see why they ain't selling cars like they used to.

22nd Aug 2008, 19:27

Hey all you Oldsmobile fans, smile. I gotta question and don't seem to be able to get any answers. I am working on a 55 oldsmobile delta 98 4 door sedan. I would prefer a 4 door hard top but this is what I have, sooo. Any way, I am looking for information and pictures on the movie car from WW and the Dixie Dance Kings. Can anyone help out? I also want to know if this car was actually produced? I intend to get as close to building my car to match this one as possible, being a sedan 98 car. Too bad it's not a Rocket 88 Hard Top, smile. thunder_1958@yahoo.com.

18th Nov 2008, 20:44

I just stumbled upon this forum. I have a 1955 Red and White Olds Holiday that I bought on a whim 3 years ago. The cars from that era are so much more exciting and beautiful than today. Even though it was just a family car back then, it's a rolling work of art and power (and people are surprised that it idles just as smoothly as a modern car). What a different world it was back then...

20th Feb 2009, 08:43

I bought a 55 Olds 88 Holiday coupe in 2005. When I was a young boy, my parents' friends had one and I always loved it. The previous owner of my car bought it in 1999 and drove it from Seattle to North Carolina with no problems except two flat tires. I've taken it to numerous car shows and cruises in addition to getting a 1st place in my class at the National Olds Show. It's painted the factory white over red and has 7,000 miles on a rebuilt engine. The 50's Olds engines and body style have a definite reputation. You just can't beat the power and smooth running quiet Olds engines of that era. I love driving it. People always wave and give me the thumbs up. I also own a 67 Cutlass convertible but the 55 is the car that really turns heads!!!

7th Mar 2009, 11:28

I was a teenager in 1955 and the only thing more important to me than cars were girls! My memory of the side crome treatment of the 1955 Oldsmobile was that the 88 had side chrome swoop starting at the front area of the rear quarter panel, the 98 had side chrome starting near the front of the front door and Super 88 had side chrome just like the 98. Most of the pictures I see now are referred to as Super 88's but are really 88's if my memory is correct. Of course my memory could be a little off since I am in my late, late 60's. But I don't think so in this case. Wayne Whitted, Atlanta, GA.

6th Jun 2009, 19:20

Wow! You all seem to know this car better than me!

I came across my 55 super 88 through a co-worker who was in dire straights... The car is complete and has been sitting for years.

I bought it as a driver. It needs new paint and for the chrome to be polished. I have one valve tapping and need to know what I should do? I also need one hubcap. The car is a green 4 door with a white roof. I am also in need of a drivers mirror assembly.

Any help would be appreciated.