1971 Oldsmobile Toronado 455 original from North America


Awesome luxury and endless smiles.


I rebuilt the window motors when they got weak.

Replaced CV joints after purchasing car and did a brake job too since they were due. Partly why original owner sold me the car.

Replaced water pump at around 145000 miles.

Rebuilt A/c system at about 170000 miles.

Normal maintenance items and some lights replaced.

General Comments:

These cars were well built, and were very reliable when maintained. Keeping fresh shocks on the car is key to keeping the suspension in good shape and preventing a lot of squeaks and rattles. A lot of these cars you come across were sold cheap when gas was a big issue. Unfortunately buyers looking for a cheap ride are not inclined to spend money on preventative maintenance work, resulting in people "driving them till they drop". I got mine from the original owner who was very meticulous. The car was garaged and regularly serviced, and driven sensibly. As for performance, mileage was so-so at about 13-16mpg, but if you wanted it to this monster would roast the front tires to well over 60 mph from a stand-still. And do it quietly, too. My friends called it the "Flying Recliner". I gave it to a friend in financial straights. I will soon start a total restoration of a 1966 model.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2004

7th Jan 2005, 22:54

It is nice to see one of these old boats that has put on so many miles. I have a 1970, and after 35 years and 140,000 miles, it runs like a top. Mine lived in New York and is now with me in Minnesota, and for most of its life was very well taken care of. For living in such salty states, there is not that much rust. I need to get a few minor things fixed on the undercarriage, but I will certainly give this car what it needs and hope to make the two century mark. I use it as a semi-daily driver, and my commute is mostly highway miles, but this is a very dependable old car; the only three times the car left me stranded were a result of the stinkin' battery ground cable.