1984 Oldsmobile Toronado 5.0 V8 from North America


This is an exceptionally great car!


My headlight switch broke at the worst time possible, on a narrow back-road at night, while I was switching from my brights to normal headlights, with moderate traffic making the problem worse. Even though that was a horrible situation, it was easily remedied the next day.

The front and rear bumper molding filler has completely cracked and fallen away.

The paint isn't horrible, but there is chipping and a few small rust spots that I plan on fixing very soon.

General Comments:

This car has serious character, weighing in at 3740 lbs (almost two tons!) the V8 5.0 liter engine really gets this car moving!

When I first purchased the car it was somewhat stubborn, not readily accepting the pedal that I was giving it, but it seems to have adapted and I have been told that there is a computer chip in the car that adjusts to the drivers habits.

The enterior is in immaculate shape.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2005

29th Nov 2005, 10:31

I presently own an 86 Olds Toronado. As everyone knows, it was a car ahead of its time, and still is.

This was a gift from my brother about 10 years ago in exchange for a car I gave him in 1956 when he was getting married. In the beginning, it was plagued with electrical problems; chimes would ring constantly, tightened some grounds and connections, but still occasionally chimes would sound. Olds dealers gave up on it, and we just got used to pressing the silence button on the dash.

Then the timing chain went and caused a bent valve. Estimates were over a thousand to repair it. It was a gamble, but I removed the front head and replaced a valve, timing chain and gaskets, put it all together and drove it for a few more years, then passed it down to my son in college. He took out the radio, and designed and built a LCD display and control to a computer motherboard with 12 volt supply, all mounted in an old alarm panel box in the trunk; a sophisticated stereo music system that held a thousand or so music selections.

The headlights were erratic, and had to be locked open, motor mounts sagged, transmission started to leak and slip, other odds and ends caused it to be put aside; maybe I will sell it. My wife wants to scrap it. We now have other cars in the family, but the good feeling you get when you get in the Olds and drive cannot be explained. Everyone misses it, and someday I would like to restore it or pass it on to someone or a club who has the passion we had.

Thank you, Ed. eddwood_39@msn.com

25th Feb 2007, 04:09

I have 85 Toronado Brhm with 85K. I love this car. She needs me -- Inside is like a show room car - I drive it anywhere - it just loves the highway - Got the car for 1,400 and all works - radio + Ant. just cleaned the carb - wires - plugs-

Angelo - Berlin, NJ.

1984 Oldsmobile Toronado Brougham 307cid 5.0L Gasoline from North America


A decent daily-driver beater


I have an exhaust leak, which causes my passengers to complain about the smell.

The air conditioning no longer works.

I have to set the thermostat controls to "Max A/C" so it recirulates air from the inside of the car. If I don't, hot air from the engine bay blows in and causes the car to become very warm inside during the warmer months... even with the windows down.

Sometimes, when it's really cold outside (below 32F), the windshield wipers don't work properly. When I say they don't work properly, I mean that you can turn them on and they will come on and work fine; however, when you turn them off... they keep going. You literally have to stop the car, shut it off, and restart it if you are driving in the winter and need to turn the wipers off.

The display on the radio flickers on and off randomly, often choosing to not work when I'm in a hurry and need to keep an eye on the time. When it does choose to work, it doesn't always dim when you turn on the headlights. Instead, it will alternate from dim to bright randomly, often blinding you when you least expect it.

The front seats are very badly worn.

The gear broke off of the motor on the driver-side seat making front-to-back adjustments impossible... after my baby brother had played with the controls and managed to move the seat as far from the pedals as it would go. I had to replace the gear so I could drive without sitting on the edge of the seat.

The power steering pump has begun to go out. The pump is squealing really bad, especially when the steering is at full lock. If the engine is running low RPMs (such as backing out of a parking spot), the pump will bog the engine down, causing the charge light to come on... along with almost killing the engine. Sometimes, at low speeds, it will even stop working all together. I checked the fluid, thinking maybe I had a leak I didn't know about...but, as expected, the fluid is full.

General Comments:

This isn't a bad car. It is very comfortable and gets good gas mileage for a V8 engine. Also, it has very good handling on snow and ice.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2004

12th Jun 2005, 19:12

Had the same problem with the wipers on my '85 Delta 88. No need to shut the car off.. turn the wipers to the highest setting, then all the way down to the lowest setting (right before it clicks off), wait a sec, then turn off and the wipers will stop.

11th Jan 2009, 14:44

Sounds like normal wear and tear on an old high mileage vehicle. The wiper problem is the switch. You could probably get that switch at the junkyard for $10-$15. Your old Olds is probably due for a restoration.