21st Jun 2005, 08:51


I have a 1990 Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo, and it is a awesome car. I don't have the digital display, but I have all the other great stuff. The car is completely stock. The designers of the Toronado Trofeo deserve a lot of credit because it looks way ahead of its time. The ride is fantastic, it rides better than some of these new cars today. This car is 15 years old and has 206,000Km on it and has no creaks or wobbles while driving. The car has excellent performance from the 3.8L V6. The front seats of my car need to be redone. So, anyone looking to buy a Toronado Trofeo, I highly recommend it. These cars are becoming very rare, SO PLEASE TAKE CARE OF THEM!

15th Oct 2005, 21:38

I have a 1992 Trofeo and I really like it. I have had very few problems (capacitor in the speedometer went bad and the driver's window arm needed to be replaced). The transmission fluid tubes to the radiator were replaced also. I have replaced the tires and the battery and changed the oil. It seems to be very reliable. I have put on 20,000 miles in the last year. It now has 75,000 miles on the odometer. I would recommend this car if you find one that has been well maintained.

8th Apr 2006, 01:45

Dude I have a 92 trofeo and I LOVE IT. despite the long list of flaws. but it has more than 160,000 miles on it, so I can't really complain. hideaways malfunctioning and speakers were blown when I got it, and I had a cd player installed where the tape deck was. no problems, it fit right in, I just had to cut the panel for it a little. replaced the alternator, battery, power steering hose, motor blower, and I have a *BADLY* cracked cv joint that will cost me about 300 bucks, as well as a bad motor blower module. in addition I have a severe transmission leak that needs fixing. had a wreck recently and I'm on the search for a pass. side front panel, driver side hood mount. I also just finished yesterday replacing the pass. side headlamp mount from an 89 trofeo. check engine light came on a few weeks ago too. BUT besides all of that, it is an *AMAZING* car. I've smoked a few of my friends and it handles ridiculously well. its kicking my ass on gas, but really. other than finding parts and it having so many miles on it, I love her. she was my first car and it seemed kind of weird for my dad to get me an olds, but when I got in, I was blown away. awkward engine/parts design and engineering too.

White/pearl with grey/leather interior.

"This car was built especially for KRIS IS AWESOME"

3rd Jul 2006, 09:47

I have a 92 Trofeo and I am in love with it. I also have a 2002 Cadillac DTS and the Trofeo is superior to the d.t.s. I've had the Trofeo for 9 years - it's mine for life. Custom seats, custom made rotors, chrome engine parts, it's a red dream. Maybe one day I will place it on car domain. We call her Big Red. In 07 supercharger will be added to her. My wife hates her.

14th Mar 2007, 11:57

I have a 1990 Toronado coupe (non-Trofeo) and I love it. These are world class cars and deserve to be appreciated and preserved. Sleek, classy styling with comfort, luxury and performance.

Incredible machines.

30th Mar 2007, 00:16

I have a 1990 Toronado coupe with 32,000 original miles (as of March 2007). I am very happy with "El Toro" in the short time I have had it. Teriffic car. Comfortable, fun to drive and visually distinctive. Looks like nothing else on the road. A future classic and the epitome of what Oldsmobile always was; a quality car with a ton of comfort and luxury. Buy a Toronado, keep Oldsmobiles on the road!

9th Jun 2007, 22:19

I own three trofeo's and counting! Over the last fifteen years, I have had the pleasure of owning several fine cars. A vast assortment from Mercedes-Benz, Lincolns, Audi's, to Volvo. None can compare to the Trofeo. I can afford to buy a more expensive car, but why? As a designer, I fell in love with these fine pieces of rolling art the first time I saw one in 1990. I am trying to keep from buying more of them, as they have become beautiful works of art in my driveway! The ride, the handling, the turn everyone's head, drop-dead sexy looks inspire me every time I get behind the wheel. I love pulling up next to a 60,000 dollar Mercedes, and having the driver look at me in awe! Fun stuff. I have had more people ask me about my Trofeo's than any other vehicles I have ever owned. Not a day goes by that someone is not asking me about them. I have two pearls and one silver. All three with custom rims and a lot of upgrades. If anyone out there is considering if they should buy one or not, DO IT! Even with the known minor problems these cars may have on occasion, I would not sell my trofeo's for all the tea in China! I hope you all enjoy your Trofeo's as much as I do. If you don't, I am sure I will eventually be around to take them off of your hands! I need a red one next! Happy motoring! Jim in Indiana.

28th Oct 2007, 21:57

I have a 1990 trofeo and it runs like a white pearl rollings down the street. The only problem I'm having is with the harness that go's to the module seems to be loose which cuts the power to the car shutting it off.

2nd Feb 2008, 09:07

Hi I have a 1990 trofeo, the Cd player was a stock and crapped out on me shortly after I bought it. When I took it into best buy and a few other stores they said you can't switch it out for any other kind of CD player because the radio was separate. I am wondering if it is possible?

3rd Dec 2008, 16:28

I recently purchased a 92 Trofeo in Feb 08 and I am extremely pleased with it. My friends dad was the previous owner and it had 98000 miles or so on it then. I bought it with 196000 on it and it is just shy of 201000.

It didn't have the factory touchscreen (VIC) so after some parts hunting I gathered all I needed to put one in. The hardest part was it being a 92 and those were the only Trofeos to have the 3800 TPI. The whole dash wiring harness had to be changed but the design of those harnesses made it quite easy and only 5 or 6 bolts hold the dash in place. Took 12 hours and it finally had a touch screen. Looks factory too.

Other than a little rust up along the windshield (what a crappy place out of anywhere it could have rusted) it still looks like a sharp car. The engine and trans are completely original and still going strong. The hardest part is finding fog lights for it and the front bumper support is a little brittle with rust. It has been a great car and I plan to put more miles on it.