1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Rocket 350 from North America


That 70's Show car, great auto


Head gasket killed the car at 203,000 miles.

A/C didn't work.

Seat wear.

Leaky skylight in the roof (typical for that model).

Rust over the rear wheels.

General Comments:

Very reliable car.

Seated 8 in nearly total comfort.

Smooth ride.

Large cargo area.

Would cruise at 100mph all day.

Loose handling typical of a late 1960's station wagon.

Distinctive-looking with roof glass.

Excellent in snow or other slippery conditions due to all the heavy glass in the rear - could go where 4x4's fear to tread.

Horrible gas mileage typical of cars of that era.

This review is of my 2nd 1969 Vista Cruiser.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2003

28th May 2003, 13:50

Wish I still had my dad's 1971 Vista. 350 V8 2bbl. Great car, but it swilled leaded fuel.

We traded it for a rice burned that rusted out in 4 winters.

2nd Oct 2004, 17:55

I bought the best car I have ever owned, 1969 Olds Vista Cruiser, which I traded for the worst car I have ever had, a 1975 Cutlass Supreme.