Astra F GLS 1.6 8v gasoline (C16NZ)

Cheap and reliable car, excluding rust problems

242 words, Finland

Astra GL 1.4

Good and reliable car for a small price

40 words, Croatia

Astra GLS 1.6

Sporty, roomy, trusty, value for money = simply the best

98 words, Romania

Astra GLS Caravan 1.8i 8v Automatic

Nice to drive, nice to own

204 words, Finland, 2 comments

Astra GL 1.4 petrol

High performance at low cost

73 words, Bulgaria

Astra GL Station Wagon 1.4 petrol C14NZ

A spacious slug prone to corrosion

101 words, Austria

Astra GLS hatchback 1.6 ohc

Nice car with sportive touch.

237 words, Romania, 1 comment

Astra GL 1.4 gas injection

A great combination of cheap, comfortable and sporty cars

72 words, Romania

Astra GL 1.4 petrol

55 words, UK and Ireland