2003 Opel Astra Coupe Bertone 1.8 16v from Croatia


Best middle class sports car


There is some rattle in the passenger door.

Nothing else so far.

General Comments:

Car looks really great, specially in yellow gold color. The whole design of the car is rather classical and not futuristic which is a plus in my book.

1.8 liter engine is a good performer. Gets car started quickly, and gives nice cruising speed. It is no rocket on wheels, but doesn't feel slow either. I do keep feeling that car was designed to have more powerful engine, say 2.2 liter one.

Shocks, tires and handling of the car is impeccable in both dry and wet conditions, it goes where you steer it. I have yet to find a flaw. The only problem is in snow. Be very alert and careful in the snow.

The aerodynamics of the car is superb. At higher speeds the airflow carries light rain and light snow over the windshield. It looks amazing!

The only dislike is that sound isolation is bad on gravel surfaces. The sound of rock hitting underneath the car is way too loud.

I am very pleased with the car so far. I hope it is going to be as reliable as my previous was.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2003

10th Feb 2005, 14:50

Vauxhall and Bertone have certainly delivered a nice package in the Astra Coupe. The 1.8 provides adequate power, looks brilliant and handles like a car with a much higher price tag. I've driven the 2.2 and wouldn't say it offers much more than the 1.8. Next test drive... the Turbo.

13th Oct 2005, 14:59

I own a Y (2001) Registration 2.2 Gold Bertone Coupe. It's handling is superb. It's reliability is unquestionable. The power is punchy enough to fend off most low-mid range competitors. Struggles a bit before 3000rpm, however implementing a traction control switch is said to improve low-end performance.

Build quality seems great. Gearbox can at times be a little sticky. Wear and tear value seems OK considering the car is more than 4 years old and has suffered 2 years of "toddler-abuse".