Astra SXi 5 door 1.4 16v

Very good car, the germans know what they're doing

239 words, UK and Ireland

Astra 1.8 petrol

Great car! Practical and sporty

80 words, United Arab Emirates

Astra sedan 1.6L

Nice car

149 words, Egypt, 1 comment

Astra Essentia 1.6

A good buy that can be much better

130 words, Lesotho

Astra N'Joy 1.4 unleaded

Opel at it's best

151 words, Romania

Astra Sport 1.8

57 words, South Africa

Astra S.W Elegans 1.6 petrol

Very good

35 words, Turkey

Astra 1.6 Enjoy 1.6 Twinport petrol

Great Car, Great Price

47 words, South Africa

Astra Hatchback 1.4

Excellent Value 4 Money

107 words, Cyprus

Astra Essentia 1.6

An excellent all-rounder

211 words, South Africa