1989 Opel Corsa Swing 1.0 from Belgium


Economical, basic runner for DIY


Battery on the weak side, but that's normal, it lasted since 1990 so... Also found out that the rear window sprayer didn't work... it fact the liquid-tubing was broken where the boot opens. All the sprayer liquid leaked into the boot, doing no good knowing the rust problem of this car! the attachment of the boot piston lever is rusting and getting loose, I have to re-fix from time to time as I once got the whole boot door falling on my neck! Lucky me I did not feel anything!

General Comments:

Since this is my first car, I love it... OK, it's 'only' the 1.0litre (45hp) but it's a nice revvy engine and the gearbox shifts easily. Pity the fourth gear, which also is the last gear is much too long, you can already set it at 60 km/h... highway cruising is very noisy, gas mileage is about 6.2l/100km, interior very basic, but roomy (I'm 1.90m and don't touch the ceiling), good driving position... Braking: just enough, slamming in it with pulses works just good ;-)

Handling: car leans too much in curves, perhaps shock absorbers wearing...

Rust: rear arches, behind the rear bumper, in the front doors, and the battery compartement... all treated with anti-rust regularly and seems under control... since in my possession, no off. maintenance yet and still OK like that.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2002

29th May 2004, 07:20

I was just wondering out of interest, does the '89 opel corsa have seat-belts fitted at the rear of the car.

1989 Opel Corsa GSi 1.6 SE from Netherlands


Fast, affordable and reliable


Left seat is slightly damaged.

New front-window at 174.000.

Some places are getting a bit rusty.

General Comments:

Very rare car these days, you don't see them a lot in Holland. It has a sporty appearance.

It is a quick and very reliable car. Although it isn't very new anymore it never let me down even not during the winter.

Once I've driven over 200 km/h!

The suspension is very stiff so the handling is great. The special sport seats are very comfortable.

There is just enough space for four grown ups although you cannot make long rides while having passengers in the back.

The trunk is large enough for daily use. On the motorway at 120 km/h it isn't noisy.

I like this car very much and I want drive it as long as possible.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2002

1989 Opel Corsa Swing 1.5 diesel from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Starter, at about 100,000 km.

General Comments:

Fantastic car, 5L per 100 km. This car went through hell when I drove it in Bosnia during the war. It was hit by a grenade! It was driven on dirt roads more than on paved ones. Exceptional auto.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 1999