Corsa 1.0 gasoline

A very honest car

149 words, Romania

Corsa D 1.7 diesel

It would bring you to hell and back, a classic tough nut of a car

196 words, UK and Ireland

Corsa City 1.0

Excellent first car if well chosen (and/or lucky); but not the big family car

453 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

Corsa 130 iE 1.3 8v petrol

Amazing little car!

249 words, South Africa, 3 comments

Corsa Swing 1.4

A Classical Mini like VW Beetle

315 words, Turkey

Corsa 1.0 12v Swing 1.0 12 Valve

German quality with some unadvantages

257 words, Portugal, 2 comments

Corsa Swing 1.0 12v

Good build

70 words, Portugal

Corsa Viva 1.0


17 words, UK and Ireland