2001 Opel Corsa Sport 1.4 from Denmark


Unreliable small car


Power steering acting up.

Engine oil kept disappearing.

Lambda sensor failed.

General Comments:

I had the car less than a year. I liked the styling, the sporty seats and the way it handled. It was stable on the motorway for such a small car. The suspension was quite hard, but it was the Sport model so that's to be expected.

Unfortunately, the problems I had took the shine out of the ownership. The electric power steering was very strange. It seemed to have a mind of its own. The alternator started to whine, then died. Sometimes the car started kangarooing like crazy for no apparent reason. It also used a lot of oil, about 1 litre/1000km's. Rather noisy, too, especially on the motorway.

A nice enough car, but let down by poor electrics and many mechanical niggles.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2008

2001 Opel Corsa Vita 1.4 from Australia and New Zealand


Overall reliable, and ideal for the city


So far the car has used up a lot of bulbs, and has had its brake pads replaced.

General Comments:

This car is so far reliable and agile, with a nice solid feeling to it.

The road handling is good for a small car, and it is quite reasonable on fuel.

My car is labelled as an Opel Vita, and is the same as a Barina or Corsa. Opel Vita is the name used in Japan for this car, as it was imported used to New Zealand from Japan. I am thus far happy with the car.

Servicing of the car is however rather costly.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2007

2001 Opel Corsa LS 1.6 petrol from Mexico


Nice, fun, small personal car


Even though the engine works properly in cold weather, after the firs ignition of the day, the plastic parts of the cabin shake for the first five minutes, so the car was not very well built.

The economy is far from what the local dealer claim that this model gives, and only outside the city it seems to get better.

General Comments:

A very reliable co-worker; a nice small car that handles very well, and has enough stamina when is required.

Despite the altitude of Mexico City -over 2000 meters-, the 1.6 engine is a fine piece that runs around 130 kmp/h without shakes or noises in the inside.

The font seats are comfortable and the wheel and stick are at the proper distance to be manipulated safely.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2007

2001 Opel Corsa Sport 1.2 petrol from Portugal


Avoid it


I purchased the car in August 2001, and everything seemed nice. The first time I washed it, I noticed that the paint-job looked weird, but I didn't care much about it. I was out of country for a month, and when I got back, the ink was falling apart to the ground! There were little spots of rust all over the car (notice that the car was in the garage all this time).

The dealer services were (and are) appalling in all levels. By the first time I went there, they told me that that happened because the car was parked near a train station (the car was in garage, and the closest station is about 14km from my home)! This is ridiculous! Maybe they should write in the advertising: "Don't buy the new Corsa if you live near a train station!"

I don't know what is going to happen next. Opel services are inefficient, and I have to write a load of letters in order to obtain an answer.

I thought that this problem was unique, but I found out a person that went through the same problem with a Corsa. Opel didn't do anything to him, and he had to sell the car before it cracked up all the paint-job.

Forget Opel. Try another car.

General Comments:

It is a average small car, with not much interesting things to say about it.

I am very disappointed with Opel service. I already owned a Nissan, a Volvo and a Toyota. All those cars were great (especially the Volvo) and so were the dealers. I thought that Opel would be just like it... but I was wrong.

And remember... if you want to buy a Corsa, check if you live near a train station first...!

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2001