2005 Opel Corsa Lite 1.4 petrol from South Africa


A bad car from the start


Car pull to right side when braking heavily at 6000 km.

Left back tyre wears quickly only on inside at 6800 km.

Coolant water bottle broke / leak at 7500 km.

Driver's door window jammed at 8700 km.

Knob to open the passenger door on inside kept sliding out at 9000 km.

Coil cap and plug leads had to be replaced at 27500 km.

Timing belt tensioner broke at 34000 km.

Valves bend, new top at 34000 km.

Car just died completely after a few minutes driving at 36 700 km. You wait for an hour to restart. Drive for a few minutes, then the car goes dead again.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2011

5th Oct 2011, 09:28

I drive an Opel Corsa Lite (2005) in silver. Apart from the steering vibration between 95km/h and 105km/h, it's an absolute pleasure owning this vehicle. It's now done 165117kms and still goes like the day I bought it. It's a pity your Corsa has given you so many problems. My brother has one (white), my girlfriend has one (black), her best friend has one (blue), and we all agree it's a great little car.

2005 Opel Corsa Corsa B 1.2L petrol from Albania


Good for the design purpose


In 2005 I bought an Opel Corsa 1.2L petrol brand new for my mother.

Easytronic transmission is really a mess. The car has never been used out of the city, and still have that problem while shifting gears.

It is really bad.

General Comments:

The car is really good for old women who cannot drive out of the city. If you use it for a long journey, it might be dangerous.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2010