2008 Opel Corsa D CDTI 90hp 1.3 turbo diesel from Portugal


Despite the car stopping working twice in the last 8 months, I like it a lot


I bought my Corsa used, it was 4 years old, had done 40k kilometers, and looked great. I didn't get a great deal, it was a bit expensive for what it was, but I was happy with the car, it had a good configuration, nice seats, and was a beautiful car.

Around 2 months ago it stopped starting. The car had electric problems; don't know what exactly.

Earlier today, the turbo broke, and the engine revved up to 6000 RPM, so I turned off the engine instantly, and even after the combustion was still occurred (the engine didn't fully stop). After a bit, I started the car again, and it sounded a bit odd, and the power steering warning was showing in the dashboard, which meant that the power steering wasn't working.

General Comments:

I really like my car. I think that I'm just having really bad luck with this car, and I have a good feeling. I think this is a great little car, ideal for young drivers. It's easy to drive, and is secure, etc, etc.

Some things could be improved; the front pillars are too thick, which reduces your visibility, and the back window is a bit small; you don't have that much visibility at the back.

I really like this car, and so far, what I'm really disappointed about is its reliability, and fuel consumption (not so economical in my view).

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Review Date: 16th February, 2013

18th Feb 2013, 18:37

It sounds like you had diesel engine runaway; where the blown turbo seals result in the engine running uncontrollably on its own engine oil. This is why it revved to the maximum and wouldn't turn off with the key. I've seen clips of this on YouTube and it looks quite scary. I drive a Focus TDCi and I can't imagine what it would be like if mine did that. The over-revving could be what blew up your power steering pump too.

2008 Opel Corsa Enjoy 1.3 CDTi Ecoflex turbo diesel from Portugal


Uninspiring to drive, a bit bland, not that ecological, but very safe


Broken intercooler.

Blown bulbs.

General Comments:

A nice improvement over Corsa C, but not impressive. It's bigger and spacious, the ride is better and sharper, but still not as comfortable as it should be.

The seats, as usual on a Opel/Vauxhall, aren't ergonomic enough. The same goes for the driving position.

The cabin is well built, but the materials could be much better, although the Corsa is just a cheap mass production car.

Visibility is awful.

Engine performance is sluggish and sometimes embarrassing. Fuel consumption and emissions are just average (note that this is the first Ecoflex generation; the last one is much better).

Safety is very good; it has very good Euro NCAP classification.

Reliability could be better, but at least parts are cheaper than on other superminis.

Not exciting at all. Hopefully Opel has done much better on the Insignia and on the new Astra, so maybe they will make an impressive Corsa in 2014.

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Review Date: 29th February, 2012

2008 Opel Corsa from Jordan


Beautiful, fantastic and great as always


My gear knob broke, took time to fix, otherwise all is perfect.

General Comments:

My Comments, is the Rims, they look awful, I had to remove them, wonder how come OPEL the great insert such Rims!!!

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Review Date: 10th July, 2008

2008 Opel Corsa Enjoy 1.3 diesel from Romania


If I were to buy a car again I would choose the same


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

Great comfort.

Great handling.

Easytronic transmission works GREAT. It improves your whole driving experience especially in crowded cities.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2008

2nd Apr 2008, 04:32

I've had this car since Jan '07... After 12000km I can say that it is very reliable, have some indications that the right behind suspension is not 100% but the city roads in Kumanovo, Macedonia are so awful that I can say its great after apx. 200 hole hits daily... Steering is great, fuel consumption not quite as expected. For a 1.2l -> 8.5l/100km combined, which is way different than what is on paper (5.8l/100km). Maybe they turned round the numbers? ;-)

The engine is underpowered, but for a 1.1t car is satisfactory. Seats are great, built quality remarkable, like the details, tried almost all super-minis before buying so now have no regrets. Girls love it, so if you are a guy, don't worry about what other guys will say, you'll get the action anyway... ;-)

The AC is not so great but, again, for a 1.2l car is enough. Overall, great car for the value.

4th May 2009, 06:36

Well I have a 1.2 Cosmo with Easytronic... and the transmission is just so great, especially in the rush hour traffic, when you have a free hand.

The stereo is great, and contrary to the comment above, I'm satisfied with the air conditioning... the car is very reliable and most of all comfortable, if you consider the awful roads in Romania. And very robust... love it... though I was not so sure if the Easytronic will be a good idea, now I only want cars with semiautomatic transmissions... I wouldn't buy a manual :D I recommend this car over its competition (VW Polo/Peugeot 207/Renault Clio etc...)

23rd Jul 2009, 06:52

My Corsa Enjoy is wonderful car! With the 1.2L engine and easytronic gear box in sport mode, drive even a BMW or Mercedes looks like mute looker's by the road.

I hope my next car would be Astra GTC with easytronic gear box.

So long from "red wizard", from Belgrade. ;) Opel is THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!

11th Aug 2009, 12:47

I'm driving a 6 manual gearbox one with a 1.3 CDTi 90 hps. I've drove a Focus 2 1.6 100 hps with a 5 gears manual. Perhaps I'm not used to diesels because I liked the Focus more.

12th Aug 2009, 03:42

Been driving my new Opel Corsa Enjoy 2009 for a month now and I LOVE it! I drive long distances on a weekly basis and so far I have not experienced any problems with the car, either on the highway or on the roads over the mountains and hills in the Balkans. It's very reliable on slippery roads, which was my primary concern when opting for a car.