3rd Jul 2006, 19:23

Actually the first experimental Opel was made in 1965, the Opel was finally launched in September of 1968.

4th Jul 2006, 07:40

Yes, but WHEN was the "mako shark" styled Corvette first designed??

4th Jul 2006, 11:01

Lighten up... I have had 2 Corvettes (1963 Split and a 1975) and still quite frankly know little about this model. I recall seeing one at Cecil County Dragway obviously very heavily modified that was pretty impressive.

29th Jun 2007, 21:05

The first Stingray Corvette was called "Project Opel". The Vette and GT were designed by the same guy. It's no coincidence that the two share the same body styles.

Both models appeared in 1968.

12th Aug 2007, 02:33

I have a 1971 Opel Gt I'm restoring; it's a powerful, great-handling sports car with good fuel economy.

7th Oct 2010, 05:16

The 1964 Pontiac Banshee concept car influenced both the designs of the Opel GT and third gen Corvette. The Banshee was the car John DeLorean should have built all along.

1st Nov 2010, 20:43

The same engineers at GM who designed the Corvette, also designed the look of the Opel GT. Remember, Opel was owned by Buick (GM). The Corvette was introduced 1st, and the Opel GT soon followed the same year. Both cars do not have a conventional trunk. However the Opel body is made of metal and the Corvette body is made of fiberglass. They are totally different cars, but look similar. The only negative of the Opel (like the Corvette) is that the chassis is not of a real sports car, but was components of their sedans. Just like the Corvette, it was more about looks and straight line performance than sports car handling. The original Opel with the 1.9L motor producing 102HP in a car that weighed roughly 2000lbs was no slouch. However on the track, it couldn't keep up with Porsche's, MG's and Fiat's because of it's chassis (just like the Vette can't keep up with Ferrari's).