1992 Opel Kadett Cub 1.4 petrol from South Africa


This car is excellent first car to drive, it has its mechanical problems with age, this is normal


Head gasket failed at 159000km.

Exhaust gasket failed at 160000km.

Rubber tubing in engine perished at 157000km.

The battery light in always on when I have the headlights switched on, the battery is new and the alternator has been tested and is working correctly. The battery light is very dim while idling, and then becomes very bright when accelerating. 166000km.

The right shoulder of the drivers seat has worn excessively. (since vehicle purchase)

General Comments:

The car in general is a pleasure to drive, it has a good throttle response.

The steering wheel feedback is excellent, you know exactly what the front wheels are doing.

The gear box is tuned in a very sporty layout, which makes changing gears exciting.

There is much to be desired in the suspension as it leaves you with little confidence around corners at speed, however this might be due to poor shocks. Although I have heard similar complaints in other reviews.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2008

1st Apr 2011, 00:20

I agree with your comments about the 140 Cub, except for the bit about the suspension. If you fit gas shocks and slightly wider tyres (175/70), it handles like a go kart.

Lovely car - mine is 20 years old and I won't part with it.



1992 Opel Kadett SL 1.8 EFI from Brazil


Very good performance, feels like being in a sports car!


I really love this car, my friends call it a "little rocket"! :)

That's a black Kadett-E-Class with power three, HD, CD player, electric antenna.

General Comments:

It's hard for running in Sao Paulo's streets, that is very bad. But its very fun on highways, because you can beat cars like 2.0 16V Tempra (FIAT), 2.0 Ztec 16V Escort (FORD) and lots of others, without compromising your safety.

It's got 0-100Km/h in 9.8 seconds, and the maximum speed was 200/210 Km/h, I can't be precise. It does 8.5 Km/L of gas.

Thanks GM (Opel).

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Review Date: 29th August, 2001