1990 Opel Omega GLS Caravan 2.0 i from Finland


Much cheaper than the quality of the car is


When I bought the car:

Central locking didn't work.

Air conditioning didn't work.

Some oil leak from the transmission.

High fuel consumption due to broken lambda-sond.

General Comments:

Fixed almost all the problems by now. Only the air conditioning is still broken because repairing it will cost a lot and there isn't very many companies repairing those old freon-air conditionings. At least the local Opel-dealer doesn't fix it.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2001

18th Jan 2004, 08:08

Well some time has passed again since last update.

I opened the engine in late summer 2003 and replaced the timing chain as well as leaking gasket and valve lifters. I had the engine taken off from the chassis so it was much easier to work with. Engine had started to tick when cold, indicating that valve lifters were not working correctly anymore. Ticking lasted first only couple second after starting, but it was getting worse all the time, in two months it was lasting for couple of kilometers and just before engine work it lasted until engine was totally warm.

Sometimes ABS is not working, this might just be bad connection in connectors or then one of the sensors is going to break soon.

No other problems.

One year consumption has been average of 10,8 L/100 km including quite lot of urban driving, (11 km to work through city) One week autumn trip to Lapland (4 persons+dog, car very full of stuff) of 3500km consumption was 8,4L/100km when driving only highways. That has been the only time I got it going under 10L/100km between fueling.

Metal looks still good as it should. Viscous fan was replaced with old one from previous 2.0L engine (it's same part number) Working great and I hope it works fine for a very long time still.

20th Feb 2005, 00:42

Update time again.

Whole year has been quite quiet. It has been just driving a lot. Few things come to my mind during the year thou.

-distance meter works randomly so now it is getting kilometers now and then. (fuel consumption very high, 50 km on meter and 70l of fuel... =) )

-two of four steering rods needed changing so I changed all of them.

-Oil leaks from main chain tensioner, I have tried many different sealing stuff, but always it has started to leak again after weeks/months.

I have been on racetrack with the car as well and it was just great. Car took that also nicely and nothing broke even when driving pedal to the metal all the time.

Fuel consumption seems to be around 11 l/100 km still, can't be sure thou. Longer trips still get you under 10 l/100 km.