1988 Opel Vectra CD 1.8 S from Netherlands


Don't pay too much... there are better deals!


Due to high kilometres, some irritating stuff like motor management computer (sometimes 3500 min-1 with a cold engine without touching anything).

Clutch cable broke in Brussels, 130kms from home.

Very weak chair construction. Although most luxurious seats, I felt something metal in my back (probably because of 'big' previous owner).

Problems with foglights in front. On/off on their own decision.

High oil consumption and oil smell in the interior. Blue exhaust clouds.

Several 'small' petrol leaks.

Powered window left lived a life of its own.

Cracks in dashboard, making a noise in warm weather.

Water in interior due to leaks because of a rusty front window.

Gearbox almost dead (making interesting sounds).

I payed a lot (too much) for this car, so then these things matter more!

General Comments:

I owned this car just for some five months. Rust and technical injuries gave me a signal this car would be a problem even more in the near future.

But overall this Vectra didn't drink too much petrol; didn't make too much noise at constant speed and was well provided with options (of which half had malfunctions).

But high mileage/kilometres and unknown previous ownership/maintenance should make you decide to try something else. That it's an anonymous car you know in advance. Bet older Asconas (Cavaliers) are of better (simpler) quality!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 11th September, 2000

22nd Sep 2001, 13:19

Buy the Vauxhall version, they're far better.