1996 Opel Vectra 2.0 LPG from Lithuania


Low quality car


My gear box braked completely.

Oil burned with fuel. I need 1L per 1000km. I spent 500 Euros on it and no one can fix it.

Some lights in the car are not working.

Traction control is not working.

Air bag lamp is always turned on.

I can't open rear seat.

Central locking system works only when it wants to work.

General Comments:

I had so many thing broken, that sold this car just because of that. After every solution I got more and more problems. It looks like it was never ending.

But I liked this car and I would like to by another Vectra, but now I'm afraid to buy a piece of s**t.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2006

1996 Opel Vectra GLS 1.7td from UK and Ireland


A high performance oil burner


Nothing yet,

General Comments:

Diesel is the way forward, petrol cars are being left behind to taste the dust, my 1st car was a diesel and I've had 3 petrol since that and guess what... I came back to diesel.

Petrol cars are toys.

This car came with gas shocks for some reason and she handles like she is on rails.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2004

1996 Opel Vectra CD 2.0 16v from Hong Kong


Great car at a bargain price


Fog lights don't work.

Drivers door is not closing smooth, probably due to accident by previous owner.

Air-con is not powerful enough.

Air-con and recirculation lights on the switches are blown, have to guess if it's on or not.

General Comments:

I have the timing belt replaced right away when buying this car, so no problems here.

Handling very smooth and quiet.

Runs very economical 1L : 12KM for a 2.0.

Resell value low here in Hong Kong, so it was a bargain for me to buy it.

Opel dealer very expensive so never visited, no big problems anyway.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2004

1996 Opel Vectra CD 2.0 petrol from Netherlands


Nice looks, great driving


Engine sensor failure which resulted in an emergency computer-program selection.

Broken spring.

Engine runs troublesome when stationary due to a sticky EGR valve especially when Airco is running (problem not yet solved).

Broken stationairy electrical drive which resulted in an engine stall.

General Comments:

Although I have had some problems I really enjoy driving this car.

This black sedan is on of the most beautiful car Opel ever made.

His acceleration is not spectacular in the rpm low range, but really improves at 3000 - 4000 rpm.

Driving 120 km/h at 3000 rpm is very comfortable.

It's average fuel-usage over the past two years is 1:12 (12 km at 1 liter fuel). That's not bad for a 2.0 liter engine.

You don't need a sound amplifier. Opel's speaker-system is outstanding.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2003

1996 Opel Vectra ALL ECOTEC X16XEL-X20XEV from UK and Ireland


A complete pile of dung!


Timing Belts snap especially on <00 Models.

Tensioner, Water Pump, Guide Pulleys should be changed EVERY 32-40K with a new belt.

A new belt should be fitted every 16-20K to avoid problems.

Cam and Crank sensors are prone to failure.

EGR valve (esp. 96-98 models) is prone to failure/sticking.

Door lock solenoids are prone to failure... complete renewal of the assembly is required.

ABS sensors give very little trouble, but the ABS modulator assembly fails on LHR circuit regularly on 96-99 Models. €1,000 + labour to fix this problem.

Some engines burn oil like it's going out of fashion... repair is VERY expensive and this also can cause the Catalytic Convertor to fail...

Rear suspension bushes fail and are quite awkward to renew...

Radios loose reception and the radio display also fails... more money...

It goes on...

General Comments:

Jeremy Clarkson was more than right...

Vectra-B = Crap...

Solution to all the woes... 96> Mondeo Zetec...

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Review Date: 8th August, 2002

10th Oct 2004, 09:26

How do you mend the door locks?

Any pictures of the mechanism? Decided that I'll do it my self, too expensive to take it to a shop.

Br. Sandra.

14th Jun 2005, 15:28

This site is to review specific cars, not for people to list the faults they consider a particular model range to have.

1996 Opel Vectra 1.7 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


At 86,000 miles the engine seized (no warning lights).

Numerious oil leaks.

Anti-roll bushes gone in the back.

Central locking gone after 1 year.

General Comments:

The car was serviced regularly but the engine still packed in after 86,000 miles.

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Review Date: 29th November, 1999

1996 Opel Vectra GL 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


From day one I have had constant problems with this car. I would not sell it for fear of it causing harm to whoever bought it from me. Only some of the problems encountered are listed below .

Central locking faulty.

Immobiliser was never activated by garage and only noticed by myself 24 months after purchased.

Many oil leaks.

Timing belt snaps after only 30,000 mls.

All valves and head replaced after 50,000 mls due to build up of carbon on valves and head needs replacing again with only 57,500 mls due to the above problem recuring. THE CAR TO AVOID.

General Comments:

General Motors have paid for all repairs but I would sooner have the car in my garden than in the garage constantly.

I would never ever buy another Opel.

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Review Date: 19th November, 1999

25th Sep 2001, 08:48

Similiar problems to the above case with a 1996 similiar model, including the clutch plate collapsing, and the oil pump gasket needing replacing. EMU light is constantly coming on.