2000 Opel Vectra GL 2.2 Ecotec 4 Cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent car, when working properly


Ignition system fails (jammed) at around 135,000km.

Exhaust pipe splits.

Seat belts do not retract properly.

LCD display unit is not working correctly.

Engine sounds as if its going to die when you go to accelerate, sometimes.

Cam belt, water pump and all associated pulleys must be replaced at ridiculous intervals (cam belt every 60,000km, water pump and all associated pulleys every 120,000km)

Tapper cover gasket blows at around 120,000km.

Engine very prone to over-heating in busy traffic, or hot conditions if radiator is not religiously flushed.

One of the many vacuum pipes becomes blocked, causing the engine light to turn on which in turn strands you at the side of the road.

Fuel gauge will read one level at one particular time, but when you go to use the car another time, the gauge will have a different level in it (substantially less than when the car was switched off)

Brakes overheat very quickly.

Horn does not work when steering wheel is turned either way.

Stereo speakers are beginning to give up the ghost (150,000km)

Oil leaks into spark plug bay, smothering every plug, compromising performance.

Electric engine fan is very weak and struggles to cool water.

Original thermostat would open too late (temperature gauge would be reading above 100 degrees before the thermostat opened)

General Comments:

You must spend money to get decent accessories eg: passenger airbag, electric windows, alloy wheels on the Vectra. So buying a GL model won't get you what you really want, which is performance WITH luxury. Instead, you only get performance.. which isn't too bad, but still, we all like a bit of luxury motoring!

However, the way the controls on the fascia are set up are very convenient (easily reached) for the driver and front passenger.

The car doesn't muck around, it really gets up and goes. Even the basic 2 litre and 2.2 litre models. Proven to beat some turbo-charged Japanese cars of around the same year.

The Manual gearbox is very smooth-shifting and the clutch is reasonably light-weight.

Rear seats are comfortable, but the front seats leave a lot to be desired.

Headlight strength is quite poor for a European car.

This car is very VERY economical. It is capable of reaching 850 to 900km, possibly even 1000km if driven very carefully, on 1 tank of 95/98 octane petrol (60 litres)

Handling is a little dodgy unless custom wheels and performance tyres are fitted.

Under heavy breaking, the Vectras rear wheels like to play games with the rear end, swaying from side to side.

Top speed is quite satisfactory for a small engine (250km/hr) at the redline in 5th.

Road noise is minimal, engine noise is blocked almost completely which allows for an enjoyable, fairly quiet ride.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2008

7th Nov 2012, 12:52

I agree. So far I have replaced brakes, ECU, exhaust manifold, various sensors, exhaust itself, seat belts don't retract, problems with keys, window motors, oil leaks, replaced springs in the front... the list goes on. This car is a money pit. Here is the best part... it only has 86000km on it. That's like 45000 miles!

2000 Opel Vectra 2.5 V6 24V from Germany


Good handling, fast driving 170 Hp


Belt must be relaced every 60.000 km.

General Comments:

Nothing else has blew, all you need is to love the car, and fix the problems in seed.

Car is very fast, it handles OK. But when you are driving agressively, fuel flows away like river in spring.

Engine is loud, car seems tight, when I'm driving I feel like I'm in sports car.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2005

2000 Opel Vectra CD 2.5 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Safe strong performer with expensive faults


Steering rack started clunking and was replaced by dealer at about 50000km.

Still had a clunk and the steering column was replaced by dealer.

Headlights have been replaced about 3 times due to headlight adjuster breaking.

One of the headlights was replaced because it leaked as well.

Some small items like the rear window brake light have the plastic covers warped and have been replaced.

The engine developed an internal coolant leak and had to be rebuilt at about 75000km.

Had the 75000 service and it was recommended to change the timing belt, they say it will last 120000 but recommend it could only last 70000. The dealer did not have the special tools to do this job and had to wait a month for these special tools before they could do the job.

Brakes rotors wear like crazy due to the hard linings used by the manufacturer. Its hard to source other than Opel brake linings in Australia, mainly due to the fact so few Vectras are sold here.

The fresh air inlet seems to collect hot air and you will find the fresh air coming through the vent is about 10 degrees hotter than outside air.

General Comments:

The car is very comfortable to drive long distances.

The economy is great I get about 7L/100km on the highway and this is automatic.

Performs well. not quick of the mark, but once you are going and push the accelerator the motor winds out and loves to rev. Really quick car once it rolling.

We were looking for a Mercedes or BMW when we bought this car, I goes well, is comfortable and handles like its on rails, a real competitor to BMW for handling.

Strong and safe car with no faults I have found and I have pushed it around some corners quickly.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2003