2007 Opel Vectra GTS 1.8 from Belgium


Dashboard lamp, exhaust, remained lit.

General Comments:

Opel Vectra GTS 1.8 EasyTronic, the car rides very smoothly.

The car has a very good grip and is comfortable.

The car is inside and outside finished very well.

With this easytronic gearbox, you can drive very economical.

The switching of gears can be very good influence with the accelerator.

Not a single technical problem.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2009

2007 Opel Vectra MTA 1.8 from Singapore


Value for money purchase with luxury feel inside car


Timing belt had to be replaced at 60000km.

Front headlamp and brake light bulbs replaced.

No other issues.

General Comments:

Great cruising car. Got this car a great price. Wonder why others will buy a Japanese two litre car when the price is almost the same.

Doors close with a loud thud and feels very safe. The MTA gearbox is wonderful that enables me to overtake vehicles very easily.

Rear seat space is fantastic and no short of room. So far nothing much has gone wrong with the car.

Absolutely enjoy the car and it is great for cornering, though I would say there are other German marques that are better but cost more than twice.

So far the reliability of this car is fantastic. Will update again on the car.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2008

9th Feb 2009, 19:20


I am considering the Zafira, which has the same 1.8 MTA Gearbox as your Vectra.

Just wonder whether the 1.8 MTA Gearbox is durable and long-life to at least a 5 years lifespan?

For now, I am just skeptical on the MTA Gearbox.

Thanks for the reply!

20th Mar 2009, 12:12

So far the MTA has been doing me great.

The mileage is already 80000km and there is nothing wrong with the car at all... except for flat tire and battery flat at 60000km.

With normal drive of 20000km per year, 80000km will mean four years of driving. with 80000 of driving, the gear box is as smooth as ever.

I average around 11km/l on my Vectra. I suppose you can average around there too in the Zafira. They are basically the same, body different only.

Come on, Drive an OPEL!

30th May 2009, 20:30

Update on my ride:

Current mileage is approaching 90000 and the car is still running like brand new. The last servicing bill came up to only around less than 500. This is much lesser than my previous ride, a Renault.

The leather seats have not shown traces of wear and tear. The switch gears and all are all in mint condition.

The car is grossly understated! But now the Vectra is no longer available locally, which only leaves the Zafira.

22nd Aug 2009, 18:57

This is less than my previous car/ride; a Renault.