28th Feb 2001, 08:05

I miss my Peugeot 104! I drove one from 1992 until 1996. Rust and a broken gear killed him. We fixed him to drive the 12 hours of Voeren (rally), but after 4 hours he exploded. It was my favorite car and if I have the chance I would buy another one.

Willy from Belgium

5th Mar 2001, 11:30

I love my P104, I have it almost a year now, and it's wonderfull. No more comments....

Egiz, Lithuania

1st Nov 2001, 08:08

I had two 104's before I moved to a 305.

And, for a car that size it is amazingly comfortable.

If I come across a well-preserved 104 I would certainly buy it..

23rd Mar 2003, 16:14

Great to see a site which mentions the splendid little Peugeot 104 - a generally under-rated car.

Mine, a 5 door GR (1124cc petrol) bought new in Hereford in 1983 is still going like a train at 320,000 miles, all on one engine and gearbox. To date the only bits which have needed replacing have been: One clutch, one starter motor solenoid, front suspension struts, a couple of pairs of front and rear wheel bearings, one pair of drive shafts, one windscreen, one headlight lens, steering lock, one window lift, several exhaust systems. This year (2003) saw a little weld on one trailing arm mount for the MOT.

Depreciation having bottomed out some 10 years ago at its current market value of about £4.00, this is seriously cheap motoring. Annual rapair blls ammount to little more than basic service items, dirt cheap insurance, frugal fuel consumption and the odd lick of Dulux on a few scabs here and there.

As long as the rust is kept at bay and decent oil and oil filters are used, the 104 is a fantastic little motor. Sadly it's ages since I last saw another on the roads of the UK.

17th Mar 2005, 15:28

I had a wonderful 104 in mid 1980s. Fast, with a rev counter, handled well. I bought it and sold it on to a friend as agreed, regretted decision as it was a cheap GTI which had not really been invented at that stage.

The French were ahead of the game, only this square car was not noticed.

6th Jan 2006, 18:22

I loved my 1983 104 GR. It was my first car. Although the ride and performance were superb for a car of it's size, it suffered from dreadful reliability. This was mostly due to the difficulty of finding a mechanic to work on the car. They hated the idea of dropping the engine out for common faults such as head gasket replacement etc! Apparently the French mechanics refer to the power plant as the "disposable engine", as they tend to throw it away and put in a new one when something goes wrong! My engine got replaced at only 40k, but that said the second came from a 1977 example with @ 80k. I used the car as a taxi for 6 months, and only gave up on it when the gear linkages went!

I traded it in for a disastrous diesel Vauxhall Cavalier at this point. If I found a good 104 today I would buy it in a heartbeat!!

12th May 2006, 17:56

I've been a happy owner of an 104SL for about half a year now, and I must say I'm quite pleased so far. And the best part is that there's only one previous owner, an older lady, and the car has only gone 40400 miles in 27 years.

It did however need quite some polishing since it was more pink than red when I bought it, but after 3 days of polishing, the end result was very nice.