31st May 2003, 10:17

We have an L reg one of these which has now covered 128K with very few problems at all. Had the fuel cut off solenoid replaced and thanks to this web site now know that the intermittent starting problem is down to bad starter motor connections. Saving me a new starter motor!

10th Jul 2003, 10:22

I just bought a D turbo, and I do agree. It is very quick. Although now at 125K the rad went bye bye, its holding at the moment with some rad fill stuff. plus I am getting a strange knocking sound from inside whenever pulling away. I have found out that one of the drop pin?? (connects the anti roll to the strut) is double the thickness of the other. But still otherwise I love that car.

10th Jan 2004, 03:45

I also have the non-turbo version of this car. It is a great little car except the intermittent starting problem. I will check the starter wiring, but if anyone could email me about how to sort is I would appreciate it.


21st Apr 2004, 18:23

They really are great little cars. The TD engine is the best bit. Mine suffers from a few rattles, but the get up and go is there and inspite of putting one's foot down they are still very economical, easily 55mpg. cheap motoring.

7th Sep 2004, 07:32

A very good car. I have done 87000 miles. Only problem is an adjuster bearing. although cheap, but had to replace it 4 times.

N. R. Rathore

19th May 2006, 19:59

I have a 1991 J Reg 205 D-Turbo nearing 170K. This car has been in our family since new, so I know everything that has ever gone wrong with it. Not in the right order, as I cannot remember 15yrs back, but you can get the general idea.

• New radiator (fitted new Gti alloy one, cheaper and works fine £48)

• New alternator (£60 recon)

• New brake master cylinder (£22 new)

• New vacuum hose

• New boost pressure hose

• 3x solenoid stop valve (£20 new)

• 2x starter motors (£20 scrap yard)

• Nearside front wishbone (£60)

• Drop links both sides about 3 times (£16 each time)

• fuel injection pump (£60 Scrap yard)

• New brake pipes/hoses all round

• New washer pump (£3 new)

• Front washer jets (£4 new)

• New driveshafts (£80 each)

• Head replacement due to fools at garage fitting wrong cam belt at 80K (garage forced to pay up)

Other than routine maintenance thats all thats ever been replaced. 15yrs and its still got its original clutch and exhaust system. I known Fords exhausts to only last 2yrs and they just rust apart. The car has also managed to survive from three lorry crashes, two being major. The car had to be re-jigged back into shape on two occasions. Just shows the 205 really is a strong little fast car, and for 15yrs old it really hasnt had that much spent on it at all.

22nd May 2006, 06:55

I just bought a 205 Turbo Diesel and having only done 30 miles in it I am surprised at the power it has for a diesel. One question: the cam belt was last changed at around 20-odd thousand miles. There's now almost 65k on the clock. Do I need to get it changed? I've had varying opinions about when to change, ranging from every 36k to 72k miles!

20th Aug 2007, 05:21

I have had my Peugeot 205 XLD Diesel for about 5 years now, and I do like the fact that it has an 1800cc engine in a tiny little car.

A word of advice: If you ever have problems with the engine cutting out, it's most likely to be a leak in the fuel system.

Mine had literally a pin hole in it, but you could see air being sucked in to the fuel through the see through fuel pipe.

It is often particularly noticeable when I go uphill!!

And yes the drive shafts!!

If you get a strange noise coming from under the bonnet (a bit like a worn out alternator), the likely cause is a worn drive shaft.

I have had to replace both of mine (twice).

One other fault is the glow plug relay.

You will notice this if your glow plug light does not come on, or only stays on for a few seconds.

All in all, a great little car though, especially with all that hidden power lurking under the bonnet.

13th Jun 2008, 07:46

I have a 1996 Mardi Gras. It has always leaked oil even when stationary. I have taken the sump off and the problem is that where the copper washer on the drain bung forces the sump pan into some grooves in the captive nut.

There is a captive nut inside the sump and to allow the oil to drain out there are some grooves machined into it. The copped washer over time distorts the steel of the sump and causes this permanent leak. I have now straightened this out and sanded the face smooth once again.

9th Jul 2008, 08:45

I have a 1993 1.8 Diesel non turbo. Had a L200 animal before this badboy. I'm now getting 55-60 mpg instead of 25. Also the windows go up and down on the 205 unlike the 2005 animal.

I've had the 205 for 14 months and have had absolutely no mechanical problems with it at all. No oil leaks, none of the above mentioned problems. Starts first time, runs like a dream. Even the power steering is sweet.

Currently 149K on clock and just passed MOT with zero advisories.

The only down side is I have lacquer peel on the boot lid.

26th Aug 2008, 16:39

Hi I have a 205 turbo diesel and wow, I love it, loads of power, handling is stunning and will be even better once GTI struts are in place. The brakes are a little on the small side I thought, being there a large block of pig iron in the front, so I replaced with 206 calipers and vented disks. Makes all the difference. Strongly recommend to anyone. Have done quite a lot of work to mine so if you need a hand or some helpful tips just give send me an email charlieyabsley@hotmail.com.

25th Sep 2008, 07:28

I bought a scepter 205 1800cc TDI in June 2008, which was drivable, but body perfect for a 1994 model.

The car had been lying off road since May.

1. Broken front drivers side spring.

2. Nearside track rod end slack.

3. Broken lens nearside side lamp.

4. Slight corrosion on chassis nearside front.

5. Brakes needed adjusted.

6. Power steering ineffective and empty.

Got it all done, did not cost too much.

101,000 miles on clock, yet a great car, excellent on fuel and acceleration, magic to drive and very comfortable. Just a sheer pleasure to own and drive.

A happy chappie.

7th Apr 2009, 20:12

I have a J plate d turbo with 150k on the clock now. Unfortunately I've had the head crack, and instead of replacing it, I put in a 1.9 turbo engine out of a Xantia (same block). Now it is a real fast fun car! Can pull away in most gears if I want to LOL! Just need to work out how to fit an inter-cooler, then I can get some real power from it. Loads of fun for very little money!!

24th Nov 2010, 10:03

Keep em alive!

2nd Nov 2011, 19:38

I wrote the original review at the top of the page (K953 AVC - ah, the memories of a past car and those who rode in her...).

I was a student when I owned her, and she was part exchanged for a Mini Mayair. I've had about 15 cars since, including some sporty BMWs, a Jag, Ibiza Cupra.

Yet, for the daily commute I've decided to do away with my fancy cars, and I'm currently looking for a cheap diesel hatchback. I've come full circle and I'm looking at 205 diesels (non turbo this time around) to combat fuel prices and depreciation. And that is despite me giving it a mediocre score and criticizing its reliability!

An interesting point is that with the price of diesel currently at £1.37/litre, it's roughly twice the price it was when I wrote the original review.