14th Jan 2001, 20:10

I have a GR for my first car, 0-60mph really is in 10 secs, 105mph with four people, no modifications as yet but with 1.9 GTi (15") alloys on it!

With standard wheels and a heavy foot watch out, a lot of rubber gets left behind.

Want to put an XS carb on after reading others comments.

Problems - Handbrake needs regular tightening :>

30th Jan 2001, 15:27

I've also got a 205GR (1990) with the 1.4 engine. Your top speed with 4 people is a bit optimistic - there's a 3 mile dead straight road not far from me and mine only touches 100mph. Only 70,000 miles, full Pug service history! What's wrong with it??

Brilliant handling, slingshot acceleration up to 80 mph and 40mpg. Unbeatable!!!

22nd Aug 2001, 16:15

My pug is a 1.4 GR (g) standard. It's very nippy. I get some strange looks when I approach motorways, it's quicker than it looks.

I love it. 62k now. Paid £850 cash.

Fitting an XS carb soon, from what I've read from previous comments. Buy one!!!

Any leaky footwells (lift bonnet and fill punch holes in), it worked for me! Won't hurt either to fill the windscreen rubbers with a good waterproof filler!!!

28th Aug 2001, 10:09

My first car was a 205 GR and I must say it is a good car. It handles well and yes, you can get 10 sec 0-60 and 105 MPH on a good day (136 000 miles)!

I now drive a Clio RSi 1.8 which is a fast car, but it helps me appreciate how quick the 205 was for its size...

All in all a 205 GR is a good first car, easy to work on and reasonably quick. Stick some 1.9GTi wheels on it and you will never leave the road. Top marks.

PS... whoever added the review saying that the XS carb gives a higher speed at lower revs... I suggest you think about that.. the relationship between RPM and MPH is down to the gear ratio, not horsepower.. even if you managed to get 1000BHP out of the 1.4 power plant, that ratio wouldn't change.

29th Nov 2006, 13:35

I have a peugeot 205 gr and it is one of the fastest things I have ever driven I rekon that I could do 0-60 in under 10 seconds, and the top speed, well, I have had it off the clock easy.

25th Mar 2007, 07:34

I have a 205 gr with xs carb with bigger jets and want to no if I need the choke it runs, but I don't no if I need it.

26th Jun 2007, 04:48

My car is funky.

It's a 205, the seats were poor so I added leather interior stuff.

I could use like a paint job like.

Managed to scare my friends half to death with the nippyness.

0-62 in 10sec is pushing it though like.

Brakes are dodgy when car is full, but it means I can go faster.

9th Mar 2008, 13:52

I've got a 205 GR from 1990 and as crazy as it sounds, being only 1.1 litre engine (and not the 1.4),it really makes 0-100km/h in under those 10 seconds, and it does go off the clock even with four people on it (supposedly reaches 190 km/h), but my favorite feature is it's crazy 2nd gear that strethes up to 100km/h. I love that junk.

28th Jan 2009, 11:29

Hi, I've just recently got a Peugeot 205 GR '88 E reg. It's my first car and I'm just wondering how easy it is to fit a new carb (for an XS one)??

19th Sep 2009, 04:24

After lots of Citroen AXs, including some GTs, I'm now driving a 205 GR 1.4. It's 75hp, which is the same motor as one of the AX GTs I had (Citroen also do a 85hp, and a 100hp GT variants all using the TU engine). The above poster with the 1.1 saying 100mph no problem is unlikely as the specs for the 50hp 1.1 give 92mph as the top speed, the 1.4 having 25hp more, being 50% more, than the 1.1 GR.

So, I like the ride of the 205 after Citroen AX, still getting used to the steering quirks. Braking is like the AX and very average, cornering and suspension seem better than the AX, I think the wheelbase is wider?? The torquey motor is awesome to drive hard around the corners and accelerating off without the need to stay high in the rev range. The AX being lighter with lower CD is faster, but the 205 has something extra in the gear changing and cornering. Looks good.

15th Jan 2010, 07:33

I had a 1993 1.4GR and it did fly. A great little car.

It would do over 100mph on the clock... but how accurate that was is questionable.

It was cheap to maintain and economical... I miss it.

24th Jan 2010, 17:23

I have a 1.4 5 Door for my first car. Not got it on the road yet, but was wondering if there are any easy and cheap things you can do that make a noticeable difference in performance.

Cheers guys ;)

205 <<<< best car in the world, GTI or no GTI :P.

16th May 2010, 11:41


I currently own a 1990 (H) Reg 1.4 Ltr Peugeot 205 GR. ALL standard parts and everything.

First of all, Whats this about the XS carbs making it faster? Does this actually work?

Secondly, with the speed I can achieve in it, I would like to improve the brakes. I spoke to a guy at the garage and he said that I could only improve them by putting on disks. But he said this required next axles. Is that true, or is there any other way of making it slow down quicker?


4th Jan 2011, 19:15

I have a Peugeot 205 GR of 1984, for 8 years now. Up to 200000 km is not problem for this car on the terrible roads of Albania. Beautiful driving experience and cheap maintenance. Excellent suspension - I love this car.

28th Nov 2011, 12:14

I have a GR, 1989. CAN ANYONE HELP ME?

It was starting up great, and I went to start it one day, and it wouldn't start at all, but all the lights on the dashboard were on. It started making a clicking sound (sounded like the battery, so I charged it... still not working). Tried jump leading it, still no joy, but every time I try to start it, I notice there's a spark and smoke coming from a wire (what looks like a ground wire) that is clipped onto the top of my suspension in the engine bay; I think it's something do with that. Any ideas???