9th Apr 2004, 17:42

I'm currently looking to buy my 3rd Peugeot and I want a sporty diesel Peugeot. I want the XSi HDI, but am unsure how good a car it is with a 90 hp diesel unit in. I realise that performance will be compromised by the diesel unit although fuel economy will be greater. So if anyone has the diesel version can you add a comment - thanks.

10th Apr 2004, 03:33

Here's a suggestion A SKODA FABIA VRS!!! In all areas including quality, performance and handling the 206 doesn't stand a chance in comparison.

16th Aug 2004, 06:10

But it's still a SKODA!!!

Peugeot any day!

29th Aug 2004, 15:55

I’ve been the owner of two sporty Peugeot 2.0 Hdi 206s in the last three years, the first a stonker, the other a stinker.

I bought the first car, a 206 Hdi Dturbo, new in 2001. From day one, this was undoubtedly the best car I had ever owned, the best part of it, in my opinion, being the 2.0 Hdi diesel engine, which delivered smooth, quiet and brisk performance, whilst still easily returning 50+mpg. The car itself was nothing, but a pleasure to drive; comfortable, quiet and reliable, and it certainly looked the part. Overtaking was effortless in any gear, and many a boy-racer was left choking on my dust! During almost three years of ownership, I had a few minor problems with the car, all due to wear and tear, and all rectified (eventually) under warranty by my local dealer.

So pleased was I with this car that I opted to replace it near the end of the 3 year warranty period. In July 2004, I took delivery of a new 206 Xsi Hdi, essentially a re-badged Dturbo, but with a few more gadgets, airbags etc. I obviously had high expectations of this new car, but since the moment I drove it off the dealer’s forecourt, I’ve been sorely disappointed. I wish I’d kept the old one.

The new car is very noisy at anything over 30mph, most of this coming from the rear wheels/tyres, which increases with speed, on any road surface. The steering is heavy and moans and groans when turned, the car wanders all over the road and needs constant correction to keep in a straight line. The handling feels unstable and does not inspire any confidence at all. Its acceleration/deceleration at low revs is very jerky, which is unpleasant and annoying in town. In short, it’s a horrible car to drive, and has been back to the dealership 3 times already. As yet nothing has been rectified, though I'm awaiting further contact from the dealer. The engine itself, however, is very quiet and pulls as strongly as the old one, though is not quite as smooth, but should loosen up with miles.

There is now a diesel 206 Gti available, with a smaller 1.6, 110bhp engine. Have you considered this? I’ve read several favourable road tests on this model, the general consensus being that the combination of more oomph and less weight up front makes for a considerable improvement in terms of performance and handling over the 2.0 models. It’s also more economical, but you pay the same for the car as for the petrol Gti, which isn’t cheap. Then again, how about a Renault Clio with the 1.5, 100bhp engine, for £2,500 less?? And as for the vRS, it surely can’t be dismissed just because it’s a Skoda…! I've yet to hear a bad word said about this car!

All in all, I’d say the 2.0 Hdi engine is great; smooth, punchy and frugal, and well suited to the 206. I do feel, though, that this engine is now getting a bit long in the tooth and lagging somewhat behind the competition. I don’t see why Peugeot can’t make ownership of the new 1.6 engine more affordable by putting it in less expensive models than the Gti.

Hope this helps.