1998 Peugeot 306 GTi-6 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Bag of S**t!


Cam Belt snapped at 59,000 miles, very common fault, dealer states change at 72,000, why no recalls or notices from Pug regarding this?

Drop Links needed replacing

Leak through sunroof

Front brakes sticking

Exhaust feel off

Lambda sensor failed (twice)

Cat replaced

Leak through rear window

Head gasket replaced

Air conditioning packed up

ECU failed

Air bag light stuck on

Hesitation and stalling

Suspension replaced

Need I go on?

General Comments:

The car looked lovely and when everything is right was a real wolf in sheep's clothing. But the reliability was pathetic, as soon as one thing was sorted something else went wrong. I had the car for a year and it spent a total of 20 weeks off the road, that tells its own story. The final straw came when the car kept stalling and mis-firing, and Peugeot decided they wanted to change the ECU for £600+ and then couldn't guarantee this would cure the problem!, but couldn't tell until they had replaced it!!! The car was also very uncomfortable, but all the gismos made up for that (when they worked!).

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Review Date: 24th September, 2003

13th Oct 2003, 04:49

Sad? Why? This is my opinion on what I feel is a very poor car from a very poor company. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine. I pity you if you drive one of these bags of sh**. Anyhow my judgement of this car is not just based on the cam belt or can you not read?

23rd Mar 2004, 13:34

I have a GTi6, it's a 99 though and it's perfect in every way, I don't drive like a loon (well, not too often) and I don't treat it badly and it treats me well in return... so far I've had to spend money on brakes tires and a servicing. Not bad for a couple of years. Oh yeah, it goes through lots of petrol... how terrible!

7th Oct 2004, 09:01

I have owned my GTi for the past two years, and have had no problems at all.

I can agree that there is a problem with the cam belts on this car (not that Peugeot will admit this), but if you do your homework before buying a performance car, as I did, you will know what to expect.

As a rule, I would recommend no more that 40,000 miles or 4 years for the cams belts on these cars, and it's not a case of just replacing the cam belt.

It is advisable to have the cam belt, tensioners and water pump changed at the same time, as they are all known to have failed.

For this work, you are looking at approx £350 from a main dealer, which I don't think is too bad.

For more information, check out www.306gti6.com.

1998 Peugeot 306 Vivant 1.4 MPI from UK and Ireland


Cheap to insure good to drive and very high performace for a 1.4 Engine


The head gasket has gone twice, but that was down to the dealer misdiagnosing a fault with it and not replacing it poperly. (£0 done under warranty)

A hose from the heater matrix has split (£100 to fix)

The clutch broke up and rattled at 55,250 Miles (£300) to fix)

General Comments:

Great to dive people say I should get rid of it because of some problems I get with it, but I like it so much there is no chance I am getting rid of this one.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2003

1998 Peugeot 306 Meridian Special Edition 1.4 8v from UK and Ireland


Depreciation disaster and will never buy another Peugeot again


Replacement ECU when I purchased the car at 47,000 miles.

Rot/Rust around the rocker cover.

Poor electrical wiring.

Fog light blew.

Head gasket blew at 56,000 miles.

General Comments:

The Peugeot is a fun, sexy looking and excellent car to drive - when it works.

Interior design is very nice and comfortable and the features which come with the Meridian, such as electric windows & mirrors, air conditioning and central locking are also excellent.

However, the 1.4 engine is poorly built and the electrics appear to have been wired by a blind Frenchman.

Very costly to repair (£1000+ for ECU, £500 for head gasket) in comparison to the value of the car.

In comparison to the value of the car (£3000.00), it was very costly to repair (£1000+ for ECU, £500 for head gasket). Did consider cutting my losses and torching it at one point…

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Review Date: 11th April, 2003

4th May 2003, 12:21

I feel your pain... I will never toucha peugeot again.